Would you like some RAM with that?

Why, yes please!

Since we’re all geeks here, you know that more RAM is always better. If you want to get your husband a wonderful father’s day gift, a hermetically sealed plastic helping o’RAM is always going to make his heart leap with joy.

Thank God Seagate understands this. I’ve not had a Seagate drive in many moons, but it does appear that one two are in my future. They announced this drive last week or so, with much fanfare. It appears, that for once, a new hard drive deserves it, completely shocking the entire tech community. These days, the only time techies getting excited seems to be when a new Call of Duty get gets announced. Who woulda thunkit?

So, what’s so special about this new yet old-fashioned spinning platter of love? Well, Seagate up and stapled a buncha RAM to it. 4Giggybytes, to be exact. And that seems to be the crucial icing on the cake as far as making it be oh-so-much more than just a reg’lar old hard drive. It apparently makes it awesome.

There’s many reviews out on the web, but to get a true sense of how awesome this drive has the potential to be, check out the Overclocker’s Club review where they have plenty of colored graphs showing why you should buy two of these right now and install them in RAID 0.

That’s why I’m so excited about em – by doing that, you get a 1TB drive that’s all but indistinguishable speed-wise from a miserly 128GB SSD. Oh, and you get it for $300.

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