Does Vacuuming Your Wooden Floor Do More Harm Than Good?

Wooden floors are graceful and can make the interior of your home look and feel way more welcoming than hard tiled floors. Unlike tiles, however, wooden floors are more prone to damage, which is why most homeowners with wooden floors are so concerned about whether or not they should use vacuum cleaners to keep their floors tidy. We’re often asked if it’s safe to use vacuums on hardwood tiles like one would use on a carpet; our answer is yes and no, but mostly yes.

There are some vacuum cleaners out there that are perfectly suitable for cleaning wooden floors; you just have to be smart about it and choose the right one (don’t worry, we’re about to tell you how). While it’s fine to use a broom on your wooden floor, the biggest hazard a vacuum cleaner poses against your floor is its brush. Many vacuum cleaners come equipped with this neat tool called a ‘bristle bar,’ which has a rotating brush at the head which is perfect for cleaning out pet hair and trapped dust from carpets. But if you use it on a polished hardwood floor, it’s just going to wear out the finish of your floors way ahead of schedule because of the high RPM the brush rotates at.

You’re going to want a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have a brush at the end. There are some models available that have a hardwood floor mode that disengages the brush so you can gently clean the dust off of your wooden floors without wearing them out as much. Another critical thing to keep in mind while vacuuming over your wooden floor is that the wheels of your vacuum machine can also do quite a bit of damage. If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner, make sure to get one with rubber wheels/feet. Having a padded cleaning nozzle is also a good idea since this is the part that comes in contact with the floor you’re cleaning. This way, you won’t be scratching the delicate surface of your precious wooden floor every time you make a pass.

That’s pretty much all you need to have in mind while looking for a vacuum cleaner that’s safe for your wooden floor. If you care about your floors that much, there is an alternative solution that you could consider as well: try mopping your floors instead. Using a slightly damp mop is probably the best way to pick up dust from your floors, it is tender, and it is very effective too. It’ll probably take lesser energy and effort as well. Maybe you’d want to invest in a mop as well. But if you still prefer using the vacuum cleaner instead, just be very sure to get one that treats your floors with the care they deserve.

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