Sony XDR-S3HD – The Stylish Tabletop HD Radio

Just when you thought that the time of radios has come to an end, the world was introduce by somewhat similar yet amazing HD radios. Today, we are going to take a look at an HD Radio offering by Sony, the gadget is named XDR-S3HD and happens to be an affordable, yet highly stylish and capable HD radio. With the XDR-S3HD, the Japanese tech giant decided to take a step back into the past; instead of having a futuristic design that many modernists might actually like, the XDR-S3HD comes with a rather retro-ish design and to be fairly honest, this is what a modern day HD radio should look like.

Speaking of the design of the radio, the entire radio is basically covered in what seems like faux cherry wood. It’s fairly understandable why Sony decided to ditch actual wood because of the price hike that would have been caused. Nevertheless, the finish looks amazing. The entire front is covered with the speaker grill, as for the LCD, that elegantly sits in the middle and blends in really, really well with the entire front of the radio; the LCD is responsible for displaying thing such as the station, menu, and other information, and it is also responsible for acting as an alarm clock with the alarm coming out from the speaker itself. On top, we have the controls which include 9 individual buttons as well as the knobs that are used for tuning as well as increasing or decreasing the volume. If you don’t feel like using the buttons on the radio itself, you can use a full-fledged wireless remote that ships with the radio. The remote itself has 27 buttons that you can use to do more than just changing channels or tuning.

On the rear you get input options like headphone jack, aux, as well as the AM and FM antennas that come packaged with the radio. Another great thing about this is that you can actually connect your iPod or other portable device using the aux input connection that is provided on the back of the radio. Overall, the radio is solid, however, we would have wished that the power cord had the option to be removed since it’s a massive 12 feet cable that might be a little too big for some.

Overall, the Sony XDR-S3HD is a capable HD radio that does a lot of things right, however, there’s one small problem with it. HD radio is the type of technology that is still trying to find a place for itself in the modern day and age, and although it may be useful one day, at the given date and time, it’s not just enough. With that said, that doesn’t mean that the XDR-S3HD is a capable device; the device is affordable, looks good, performs good, and the fact that it comes with a full sized remote with 27 buttons is a proof enough that Sony didn’t just release the product for the sake of it.

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