Qmod – A Promising Micro Energy Startup

Qmod is bringing school lab fun to a new level. The company has prepared small sized kits which will harness the electricity trapped inside unimaginable items of daily life. These items include vegetables, insects, plants and even a washing sponge. This start-up wants school kids to extract, utilize and discover various electricity effects through this energy while enabling them to appreciate the simplicity in green energy production. There may be thousands of start-ups engaged in large-scale production and storage of electricity, but Qmod has opted for a unique direction. Emphasizing the importance of small-scale and highly reachable forms of electricity has always remained missing in our educational and production domains. Learning demands hands-on practice sessions instead of glaring projector screens and artificial routines.

Qmod’s products also look awesome just like its business model and approach to learning methodologies. Diversity and simplicity of energy extraction potentials uncovered by this start-up company are mind-blowing. From mushrooms to plants, from insects to compost, the incredible pool of resources available to our young scientists are worth appreciation. Learning is not limited to the physics of electricity but also the involved chemistry. Oxidation-Reduction chemical reactions are easier than ever to visualize with real time examples.   Not just children, but grown-ups can also have fun with these kits. Qmod’s energy block is able to power a variety of devices as it can harness 5 volts of energy. Technically aware people will agree that in some situations even 5 volts of electricity can perform things which can be life-saving. The kit is able to utilize magnetic connections as well, making cleanup easier. It can also be connected to conventional sources of clean energy like solar panels and dynamos. Future generations will require power sources that are more locally manageable, scalable and cleaner. “Local solutions for local problems” seems to be the business pitch for this startup. Both learning and innovation wise, Qmod is making things more democratic and fun for the learning minds.

Moreover, Qmod has been able to achieve worthy collaborations with technical experts and funding organizations. Rotterzwam opened the world of energy from mushrooms to Qmod, while E.ON helped with their accelerator program. Qmod has been collaborating with the best to make learning experiences worth indulging. In various situations, accessibility of energy is highly crucial and scarce. For that matter, the company should target larger markets and should not stick itself to school level learning only. Smaller kits do make demonstrations easier for class teachers and lab staff, but for the income sustainability of the startup, innovation process should continue. Learning techniques will continue to evolve in the near future, with educators placing increased emphasis on the practical side of things. The potential for development is there, and hopefully, with increased funding, there will be an improvement in the quality and range of products available. Qmod seems poised for a substantial growth, and refined range of products will make learning more fun for future kids.

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