Projector Overheating: Is it Normal?

There is no denying that video projectors are perhaps one of the most wonderful inventions we have had the chance to witness, it’s not just extremely fun to use, but incredibly well balanced too. People have been using projectors for years, and the good thing is that they have evolved a lot. Gone are the days when projectors used to be heavy, and bulky. Projectors nowadays are lightweight, and incredibly comfortable to carry. Another good thing is that the projectors that are available in the modern day and age are longer lasting mainly because the lamp that is on these projectors is a lot better than it used to be in the older days.

Even though the projectors have evolved a lot over the past couple of years, the one pressing question that remains is the issue of heating/overheating. A lot of people of people are concerned over why their projector is heating up and is it safe or not. Well, the shorter answer is yes, however, sometimes people don’t want a short answer because they are looking for a proper solution that helps them with their curiosity. To respond to that, and give rest to the interest levels, we have decided to dig deeper into the science of projector overheating and find out whether or not it’s safe. So, without further ado, let’s keep reading.

For starters, there is a very simple fact behind projector overheating. For those who don’t know, the reason behind projector heating is, of course, the lamp inside the projector; now you need to know that this lamp is emitting light that is very, very bright, and sharp, and considering how light can simply heat up things. Now to tackle this situation, the projector itself is usually vented with plenty of vents to make sure that the heat dissipates quicker, and while it works well in most cases, you also need to make sure that the projector is getting an ample amount of air into it. Now ordinarily, it’s best to make sure that your projector is sitting in a room temperature, and the environment it is being placed under is not way too hot.

Keep in mind that projectors are built to tolerate heat. However, if you are experiencing something that is riskier for the projector, then the best way to tackle that situation would be done by placing a rather small fan near the projector to make sure that it is getting adequate air supply and not heating up. However, if the situation has reached a point where the projector is creating issues with working properly, then it is best advised to take it to an expert who knows how to fix this problem, or send it in warranty before it does any extra damage.

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