A Practical And Easy to Use Social Media Analytics Tool

Social media is a very powerful influencer in today’s society, almost everyone relies on websites like Facebook and Twitter to share news, thoughts, opinions and so much more, their ability to spread information of all kinds instantaneously is quite useful. For organizations all around the world, the widespread use of the internet has made a lot of things easy and less costly and most of all, it has allowed them to observe and interact with their customers more easily. A lot of companies use social media to keep track of their public image and determine how their customer base feels about them.

Social media analytics is considered critical for businesses nowadays, but it can be hard to do since a lot of resources have to be dedicated to constantly monitoring social media and addressing various matters. This is where companies like Mention come in, tech companies that provide business people with tools that make analyzing social media activity related to their business a whole lot easier. There are various companies out there that offer social media analytics tools, Mention is a relatively new one that has managed to gain a lot of popularity quite fast due to its affordability and its incredibly easy to use interface.

Mention works by keeping track of selected keywords on various social media websites, the keywords can be set, and whenever it gets mentioned somewhere, the tool sends an alert to the user in real time. This functioning allows users to keep track of particular activities in which they are interested, for example, a bad review or a negative opinion made by a dissatisfied customer can be found and addressed immediately.

Mention comes with a handful of different packages, the starting one being as low as $29 per month. However this plan is designed to only give you a taste of the app and is pretty limited, it can suit small sized businesses however, but if you’re looking to carry out some proper SMB marketing, then you should consider going for their growth plan which costs $99 per month and is more fleshed out.

Besides its great pricing, what makes Mention so great is its intuitive user interface that makes interacting with the tool incredibly easy; the tool displays information in an orderly and easily understandable fashion and feels quite natural to interact with. Having a simple and easy to understand interface makes Mention easy to get used to, when you get the tool the developers also send you an email that guides you through a basic tutorial to familiarize you with the tool’s basic functions.

Overall, for a tool developed by a new company, Mention is a pretty solid program, its intuitive user interface and pricing makes it particularly great for small to medium sized businesses, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t handle larger organizations as well. The only problem with this social media analytics tool is that the FAQ’s library on their support site is pretty limited, this makes its hard to find solutions for users who run into problems. Also, Mention isn’t the best social media analytics tool out there, it has the upper hand in terms of ease of use and user interface design, but there are more advanced programs similar to Mention out there as well.

If you’re looking for a simple to use and reliable social media analytics tool that will help you keep a better track of your business’s image, then Mention is definitely worth trying out.

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