phototron grow box

Phototron Grow Box – Innovating Way of Growing Plants Indoor

Up until now, people are used to growing plants out in the open, however, how many of you are actually aware of the highly innovating way of growing plants inside an enclosed chamber known as a grow box? Before we begin explaining anything further, let us take a look at the highly innovative and brilliant Photron Grow Box that is one of the best grow boxes available in the market that you can use for growing your plants indoor.

For those who don’t know what a grow box is, it’s basically a chamber that you can use to grow plants. Now a lot of people might wonder how you can do that. Basically because plants need proper oxygen and sunlight to grow and become healthy. Well, you’d be surprised that grow boxes actually work and are becoming increasingly popular in the modern day; these grow boxes normally come in 2 different types, the ones that are soil based, and the we have the ones that are completely hydroponic. The unit we are looking at today is hydroponic, and it goes without saying that it happens to be a sophisticated one; for those who don’t know, grow boxes that are hydroponic such as the Photogron Grow Box, they water the plants that are kept inside them using a solution that is filled with the necessary nutrient’s important for a plant as well as some sort of filter to control the odor. However, if you take things up a notch, you’ll realise that there are several high end grow boxes that even come with air conditioners installed in order to keep the temperature under the normal limit.

Most grow boxes can be really complicated to set up, however, you’d be glad to know that Phototron Grow Box doesn’t suffer from the same ordeal; considering how this is a hydroponic unit, each of the Phototron Grow Box comes with assortment of necessary nutrients, a medium to grow on as well as panels that are fully mirrored. Another great thing about Phototron Grow Box is that the company ships all of the units fully assembled along with a detailed manual for those who haven’t used this sort of stuff before. All in all, you just need the seeds you want to grow and everything will be up and running.

All in all, Phototron Grow Box is a no nonsense grow box that is created in order to provide ease of access rather than a ton of functions most people don’t even want to use. It’s certainly not big enough for you to grow a lot of plants in, but the provided space is enough for you to grow small amounts of stuff very easily. Again, as compared to other grow boxes, this one happens to be relatively cheaper, and that’s a good thing. This is a perfect grow box for someone who is just starting on the venture of growing plants in door and want to experiment before buying a spacious unit.

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