Nvidia GTX 1080Ti

Nvidia’s Flagship GTX 1080Ti Will Be Arriving in March, Later This Year

Nvidia GTX 1080Ti
While AMD is finally sending out their Ryzen chipset to the press, Nvidia is busy planning something entirely different. The company is planning a release of the much-awaited GTX 1080Ti, and as far as our sources confirm us, the GPU will be arriving in late March, later this year.

The speculation of a March reveal and release was already present, but as per the source, the cards will be arriving by the end of March. Something that shouldn’t come as a surprise to many. For those who don’t know, the GTX 1080Ti will be based on a cut-down version of the Titan X Pascal, and in case you aren’t familiar with Nvidia’s history, this is a common practice in the company.

The GTX 1080Ti will be based on the GP102 chip with 3328 shaders, 1.5 gigahertz clock speed with a boost of 1.6 gigahertz. As for the VRAM, the reports suggest that the GTX 1080Ti will feature 10GB GDDR5X memory on a 384 bus bit interface. As you can see, the specs are only slightly different than Nvidia’s Titan X Pascal that was released last year.

As for the pricing, so far, we have speculated a standard pricing of $650, however, considering how Nvidia released Founder’s Edition cards for their 1000 series, we can’t say for sure. Do keep in mind that the prices for the board partners will vary.

The GTX 1080Ti will be the consumer level graphics card that will give performance numbers equal to the Titan X Pascal, and at the same time, will only cost half of what Titan X Pascal costs. Nvidia has done this in the past with Titan X, as well as Titan.

We believe Nvidia’s release of GTX 1080Ti is to rival AMD’s Vega architecture, something that we have been waiting for quite some time.

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