The Microtransaction Pricing For Mass Effect: Andromeda is Out

It’s only been a day since the much awaited Mass Effect: Andromeda got officially released, and while the game isn’t as praised and successful like the original trilogy, longtime fans of the series are playing it and enjoying it as well. Sure, the game is plagued with issues like bad facial animations, as well as general animations, but the overall experience remains smooth.

Considering how Mass Effect: Andromeda also has a multiplayer element, EA being the company they are, announced microtransactions in the game. In case you’re not familiar with microtransactions, these are basically a way to squeeze out additional cash for vanity items, or in-game currency.

EA has cleverly implemented microtransactions to enable players to purchase the in-game currency known as “points”, the currency can then be used in the multiplayer portion of the game. The good thing is that the microtransactions are only for certain cosmetic items, so even if you don’t plan on spending money, you’ll be just fine.

Last but not the least, these “multiplayer packs” can be acquired in the game without spending any money, but that will take somewhat more time than just spending money. It’s good to see that BioWare didn’t impose any conditions.

With that out of the way, the pricing of these points can be checked out below, these are available at PlayStation Store, as well as Xbox Store, and Origin Store.

  • 500 Points — $5
  • 1,050 Points — $10
  • 2,150 Points — $20
  • 3,250 Points — $30
  • 5,750 Points — $50
  • 12,000 Points — $100

Mass Effect: Andromeda is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. While the game isn’t faring well in reviews, longtime fans have suggested that the game still manages to hold up to the legacy to some extent. Let us know what you think about EA’s decision of implementing microtransactions into the game.

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