I like big guns, I cannot lie

team fortress 2 - the heavy

If you’ve played video games for a while, you’ve probably shot a whole lot of people. In-game, I mean. And each of those weapons you’ve used brings a little something different to the table – be it rate of fire, huge explosions, easy gibbing (hey, that’s a real word), or just shooting out massive bursts of flame. Jets of flame is a great solution to most problems in a game.

I thought I’d write a post commemorating guns. The ones I’ve loved, the ones I didn’t know about until ‘researching’ on Youtube, which I’ve fallen in love with.

What are your favorite guns, and in what game?

I’ll start with Quake 2. Along with the first Unreal Tournament, Quake 2 gave me many fond memories of shooting people in the face. That was back when I was young and had reflexes like a world-weary squirrel. Here’s some Quake 2 for ya, with the obvious BFG 10000, which I’m pretty sure was a mod, but whatevah. It’s still full of awesome.

Check out more videos of weapons you might never have seen before, after the break.

Quake 2 – the BFG 10000

Bulletstorm – it’s all about the guns

So these guns are new to me simply because I haven’t played Bulletstorm. But after watching this guns trailer, I think I might have to. Check it out – I especially like how he launches bodies into the air before exploding them all with the barrels. Sweeeet.

Fallout: New Vegas – the Fat Man

Apparently, there’s more guns in Fallout: New Vegas than you can find. I know I didn’t come across most of these and my buddy and I played this game for somewhere around 60 hours. I guess we weren’t looking hard enough. Or using cheat codes. Pity. The Fat Man looks like a lot of fun.

Just Cause 2 – the Air Propulsion Gun

Just…. Wow. I want this game now. Please go on sale again soon.

Armed and Dangerous – the Landshark Gun

Why more games don’t offer this weapon is a complete mystery to me. You shoot sharks. Into the ground. They pop out of the ground and swallow your enemies whole. This should really be its own game. I know I’d buy it – it’s pure, unadulterated genius.

Red Faction: Armageddon – the Mr. Toots

By a huge margin, I’ve saved the best for last. There are no words to describe how awesome this weapon is. Seriously, just watch the video and marvel.

(spoiler: it’s a rainbow-horned unicorn that shoots exploding rainbows out its ass! Really!!)

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