Flowbee vs Robocut: The Battle of Vacuum Powered Hair Cutters

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For those who don’t know, there are new and advanced types of haircutters that are available in the market these days. These haircutters are basically powered by a vacuum, and they might sound ridiculous, but they work really well. These haircutters basically come as extensions that you can put up on any good and reliable vacuum cleaner. What it does is that these hair cutters come with a bunch of different attachments that you can put on them in order to have a different type of cut, or if you are looking to cut hair that are different than the rest. For instance, the two most famous brands are the Flowbee and Robocut. Now, both of these haircutters come with several attachments that are for certain type of hair as well as hair with different lengths, you even get attachments that let you have a flat cut or something different.

flowbee vs robocutIf you are wondering how these work, once you plug them into a vacuum cleaner, there’s a suction created at the end that raises your hair enough for the blade to actually work and then cut the hair according to your need. The idea sounded ridiculous, but when we tested them both, we were surprised how good they actually work. Both of these haircutters come with different attachments, and we used the one that were provided for cutting longer hair, and to our surprise, both the hair cutters performed eloquently. It may have taken some time getting used to the idea of using a vacuum cleaner in order to do something as cutting one’s hair but once you actually get used to the idea of using it as a haircutter, you’ll get around it.

robocutAnother surprising thing we noticed about both of the hair cutters is that both of these companies ship additional attachments such as an attachment that you can use in order to groom different sort of pets. We tested these haircutters on a few different breeds of dogs as well as some cats and found out that both of these haircutters perform an exceptional job at grooming.

Overall, both the Flowbee and Robocut happen to be amazing vacuum haircutters. An amazing thing about both of these is the fact about how easy to use they are; seriously, if you have ever tried to use scissors in order to cut your hair, you would know how difficult, risky, and painful it is to cut your own hair using a pair of sharp scissors. But with these vacuum hair cutters, things are super easy. However, before you actually proceed to buy, you should know that these are available in different variants; there are variants that are basically DIY kits, and then we have variants that come completely assembled. Though one thing’s for sure, regardless of the variant you choose, it is a guaranteed fact that once you decide to use this hair cutter, you won’t be using the method of ordinary scissor cutting that only an expert can do.

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