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Eviltron Prankster Toy: Effortlessly Pranking the People Around You

It is a common fact that no matter how old we grow up, there’s always a child in us; the child somehow always manages to creep out and when that happens, we tend to ignore the norms of the society and do things just for the sake of fun. These things maybe juvenile for some but if you are sitting in a rather serious environment like an office or a serious classroom, then you can actually use the situation and lighten up the mood. Who remembers the days where prankster toys used to be available easily? Prankster toys like eviltron for sale used to be so easily available, almost everyone you knew had one.

However, things are a bit different in the modern day and age, nowadays, people can’t just walk into the store that is across the street and buy a new Eviltron, and before you ask why, there are several reasons to that. First and foremost is the biggest reason, the company that initially used to make Eviltrons don’t make these anymore, this means that there is no new stock of these prankster toys coming in. However, you shouldn’t get into despair all that early as we have a good news for you. A company that goes by the name ThinkGeek has announced the original Eviltron along with 2 more prankster toys that are aptly named Annoy-a-tron, Ringtone Annoy-a-tron. Before we further go into the details, you should know that all 3 of these prankster toys come packaged together, and are retailing for around $10. Another noteworthy thing is that all these prankster toys have different sounds, but they work in a similar fashion, however, we are going to review the classic Eviltron that has captured the hearts of so many prankster over the years. For those who don’t know what these toys are or how they work, you should know that each of the toy is only as big as 1.5 inch, these prankster toys come with a rare magnet that can actually stick on the surface of earth; ensuring that you can pretty much install it anyware. Each toy also comes with 6 different sounds with Eviltron focusing on the scary ones. So now that the details have been discussed, let’s talk about how good the product is.

We had some reservations about the product when we received it, because most re-releases aren’t as good. However, we were surprised how ThinkGeek basically honoured the originals and made sure they feel good, and work as they are intended to. To test them out, we installed them in a couple of different rooms, and made sure they are turned on during the session; the Eviltron comes with 6 different sounds to select from and we went for the one that gives away the weird sensation of someone scratching the walls; and to be fairly honest, people were genuinely scared. The only issue we had with these is how the battery only lasted 1 day, but considering the price. It was understandable.

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