The Epic Skyrim Game Giveaway: the Resultsening


Thanks to all who left comments about what’s going to be awesome about Skyrim. There was some great perspectives, even from Juice mmm. Nahh, I take that back, his were crap.

For those that are considering following this blog, the game giveaway is going to become a monthly staple. It will be for a $10 game (not two), so make sure you follow my Twitter feed or check me out on Facebook. There’s free games for the takin’!

So, here’s the final tally for this month’s giveaway with some of the commenter’s thoughts below.

Cryptorus: 13

jack keys: 12

Tommy: 5

geophase: 3

krahswar: 2

Eromu: 1


Juice mmm: -5

Cryptorus edged out the win for the $10 game, the $5 game going to Jack Keys!

Thanks to all who read the original article and then commented on what’s going to make Skyrim so great.

Cryptorus had a great point about the Radiant Story system. If it comes together the way he’s described, this could be more immersive than virtually all RPGs before Skyrim. Here’s his thoughts.

And the third and final reason I believe Skyrim will rock, is the Radiant AI/Story system in the game now. With this, your world will be truly unique to you, with your decisions causing impact in the game as well as more realistic reactions from npcs, for example:

Let’s say you’re in town, walking through as people go about their daily tasks. blacksmiths blacksmithing, beggars, well begging, merchants barking and selling their wares, how they would in real life medieval times(which is the impression I am getting from what they are saying on this whole system. After all, this is all speculation so bear with me here).

You go into someone’s house while they are home, and begin smacking their stuff (and them) with your pointy metal stick. They won’t be just “Oh hey stop doing that!” or just not even react to it at all. They will get angry if they don’t know you, and there might be a chance that they might attack you, call the guards in an attempt to remove you from their abode. So, you take your sword, and stick it in them a few times. People find out, the guards get most likely called, and your reputation is lowered after people find out you just became a murderer. Real things happen when you do something.

The Radiant story system will keep track of those actions, put some side quests in different places, what dungeons you have been to, and what you’re doing. You won’t be going to a dungeon you already cleared to save a kidnapped/missing person, you will be heading into unexplored territory. You also won’t be doing mundane tasks as well, which is part of the point of the implementation of the radiant story system.

Jack Keys discussed the combat at length, suggesting that the upcoming changes to the combat system are going to make the feel of combat more exciting and visceral.

Another reason I’m excited for Skyrim is because of the changes to combat that are promised. Instead of every encounter turning into a hack-and-slash, it sounds like there will be many more options open to players, and like the combat system has been made more enjoyable.

Some specifics that I’m excited for in this regard:
– Dual-wielding, and experimenting with the different combinations

– Ranged combat getting revamped to be stronger, but slower firing, making it a much more viable option (bonus points for this being influenced by a community mod)

– Finishing moves to make combat feel more visceral (so long as they don’t become intrusive after 50+ hours)

Thanks again to all, keep reading the blog for more interesting (possibly slightly less controversial… but maybe not) articles.

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