DIY Light Up Bow Ties to Light Up Every Party

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Society is in a place in its timeline where almost every aspect of it is being affected by technology, nowadays it’s hard to find someone or something that is popular that isn’t in touch with technology in some way. This is particularly the case for younger people who are always looking for ways to make their lives seem fresh and fun, who dress up to stand out of the crowd and draw attention. One of the best ways to stand out of the crowd is to shine, literally shine by making use of LED lighting embedded in clothing or by wearing glow stick armbands. These practices are extremely popular in clubs and parties where low lighting is common, but recently having glowing accessories has become pretty mainstream and the practice has lost its purpose.

Luckily, a company known as TechnoChic has come up with an innovative product that has given the concept of flashy accessories a whole new meaning. The company takes a fresh and unexplored approach by producing DIY paper bow ties and flowers that light up, these paper crafts are incredibly easy to make and combine technology and simple paper crafting to provide people with some pretty versatile items that can be used in a variety of ways. These flashy pieces of paper crafts consist of shiny foil paper from which the bow or flower is made, a small LED light, a cell to power it and pins to hold the whole thing together and to attach it somewhere.

All it takes is a mere minute or two to form the bow or flower, and once it’s complete, it can be used in countless ways. The bows can be worn with tuxedos to add a bit of flair to an otherwise traditional and formal dress, worn as a hair accessory or placed on a bag and so much more. The list of possible uses is endless, and if you’re running low on ideas, then you can visit TechnoChic’s website and get a bunch of ideas from there.

For those of you who are wondering why you haven’t heard of TechnoChic, it doesn’t mean that you live under a rock, the company is relatively new and has started out on KickStarter. A website where individuals and small start-ups are given the opportunity to promote themselves and bring their ideas into reality and production. The website is filled with countless innovative and unique products that you won’t ever find in the mainstream market, and just like every other idea on KickStarter, TechnoChic’s light up paper crafts are waiting for support from potential customers in order to go from being a mere business idea to a fully-fledged product that can be launched into the market.

TechnoChic’s pledged goal at the moment is $20,000, this is the amount that they need to start operating on a bigger scale, and as of writing this post, they’ve managed to collect $6,669, each dollar obtained for having sold these bows to people who are interested in the idea. If you’re interested in these bows and flowers then you can buy ten from TechnoChic for $25, this package includes everything that you need to craft these paper crafts within a minute or two. By purchasing these DIY paper crafts, you can help the company bring this product into the mainstream market and at the same time you get to try out these bows and flowers before anyone else. Wear them on a night out or to a party to stand out of the crowd and become one of the handful of leaders of a new trend.

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