Chris Redfield Makes a Return in Resident Evil 7’s Free DLC “Not a Hero”

Resident Evil 7’s ending wasn’t as pleasing for some, however, once you are done with the final boss, it is revealed that you are saved by some special ops personnel that arrive in an Umbrella Corp. helicopter. A mysterious yet familiar figure introduces himself to you as “Redfield”. Fans speculated that he is Chris Redfield, a recurring Resident Evil character, and also the lead of several games.

However, the odd thing here is that Chris has always been against Umbrella Corp. and that is something that leads people to speculate that he is perhaps someone else. Well, your speculations have been answered as Resident Evil 7’s official Twitter account has confirmed that Redfield is, in fact, Chris Redfield.

Apart from the confirmation, they also confirmed that he will be the main protagonist in the upcoming free Resident Evil DLC titled “Not a Hero”. In case you’re wondering what the DLC will be based upon, you should know that Lucas; the son of Jack and Marguerite Baker was never caught. It is most likely that Redfield is going to enter the Baker estate to find the crazy son.

Now, do keep in mind that this is just a speculation and Redfield’s involvement could be a lot bigger than just hunting down the last surviving member of the Baker family. With that aside, Not a Hero is coming to PC, Xbox One, as well as PS4 later this Spring. As per Capcom, the DLC will be available for free on all three platforms.

Not a Hero will mark the release of 3rd DLC on all platforms with Unbanned Footage Volume 1 and 2 already available on all three platforms. Let us know what you think about the DLC, and what you think about Redfield’s involvement.

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