Bugera BC15 Review: Affordable Yet Powerful Guitar Amp

When it comes to buying an amp for a guitar, most people think that they would have to shed a lot of money. However, the truth is far from here. While guitar amps can be pretty expensive, there are some pretty affordable ones too like the Bugera BC15, and the best thing about these amps is that they are combo amps.

For those who don’t know, combo amps are basically guitar amplifiers that have both the loudspeaker and the amp built into one housing; these amps don’t require a separate loud speaker as opposed to the amps that come without one.

Today, we have our hands on the BC15 by Bugera, for those who don’t know, Bugera is a company that has established itself as one of the finest companies to produce both top of the line, and affordable audio equipment that is being used by artists and clubs around the world. So what is so special about the BC15? Well, for starters, it’s a really affordable combo amp that can drive your instruments with a fair amount of audio and enough details in order for you to enjoy the jam sessions you are planning on carrying or a concert you are attending.

So for starters, you will realize how easy to operate this amp is; mostly because a lot of amps you usually get to see in the market come with really long instruction manuals and almost minimum amount of information that can help the users understand the workings of the amp. Most users don’t want that because they are usually looking for amps that are simple plug and play so they can get right away to the business. The amp only gives you the necessary amount of control over it; obviously, you will be presented with the standard amount of control over your amplifier but nothing over the top, and in all honesty, it is a good thing.

If you are wondering how good the build quality is then you should know that it doesn’t disappoint at all. In the beginning, we had our reservations about the build quality after testing the audio performance because usually the amps that come cheap often have to make a sacrifice in one department or the other. However, the amp surprised us with how good it is built, obviously, it doesn’t have the same solid construction as some of the finest we have seen by BiC America, however, you should know that considering the amount of money you are paying, and the quality of sound and loudness you are getting, the amp is worth every single penny.

All In all, the Bugera BC15 is a wonderful addition to your music arsenal, and carries the perfect price to performance ratio we have seen in a long time. The sound that is produced is ample and enough for your instruments regardless of the type they belong to; the amp comes with a no non-sense design and has enough features to have you satisfied for quite some time.

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