bic acoustech pl-200 review

BiC Acoustech PL-200 Review

Ever wondered why a lot of people prefer a good spot in a movie theater? Well, apart from having the right angles, they want to experience the immersive sound properly. However, there are a lot of people that don’t prefer going to the movie theater only because it can actually hinder the experience if the crowd isn’t as good or because of the lack of comfort.

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However, what if you can get the same sound experience while you are comfortably sitting on the big couch you have placed in the living room? Thanks to the ever evolving technology, this has been made possible; more and more people are now investing in some really good quality subwoofers that give them the amazing sound quality, clarity, loudness, and the same audio experience they usually get in high end cinemas. All of these amazing advantages topped up with the comfort of your living room!

The subwoofer market is quite a saturated one, mainly because the demand of good subwoofers has gone sky high. More and more companies are bringing in their top offerings and are trying their best to change how we experience top quality sound. However, you should know that choosing the right subwoofer isn’t as easy as it may seem. Yes, it would be really easy for an audiophile, but if you happen to be someone who just wants an excellent audio experience, you might end up in grave confusion.

Before we begin reviewing the product, let’s take a look at the history of BiC; to a lot of people, it might seem like the company just popped out of nowhere, but believe it or not, they have been in the audio business for as long as the 70s, back when the musical equipment was widely in demand because of the highly talented musicians coming in one after the other. The company has built its legacy by providing audiophile grade products that offer the best price to performance ratio one has seen in quite some time, and you should know that today’s product will certainly live up to the amazing legacy that has been created by BiC for over 3 decades, now that is some impressive dedication and hard work right there!

In order to make things easier, BiC has come up with a top notch Acoustech PL-200 subwoofer that you can universally use with your home theater, and we were honored enough to check out how good it sounds. Before we dive in, you should know that this is one of the best subwoofers we have used; the sound is perfectly balanced, and the performance is top notch. In order to make things easier for the reader, we are splitting this review in 4 parts. But before we begin, let’s take a look at some of the user reviews first.

Design And Build Quality

People who are shedding out at least $300 on a subwoofer would at least want it to have top of the line build quality. Well, you shouldn’t worry too much. The Acoustech PL-200 is perhaps one of the finest built subwoofers we have had the chance to review, the speaker is quite heavy on the measuring scale, meaning that the components used in the creation are top grade. If you are wondering about the weight, the subwoofer weighs around 45 pounds (20.4 kilograms). The weight alone ensures that you won’t be having any accidental drops, just keep in mind that setting it up for the first time might take some strength, also, make sure whatever spot you choose for the subwoofer, it is perfect because moving it around wouldn’t be all that easier.

You should also keep in mind that the overall speaker stands tall at 1.5 feet, needless to say that it is definitely one of the biggest subwoofer we have had the chance to test out. For those looking for more detailed instructions, we are happy to tell you that the front speaker is 12 inches, that is plenty, and will provide ample amount of loudness in a small, or even a larger room, and if that doesn’t fill your savvy, you should know that there are a plethora of options that come along with the subwoofer so you can always fine tune your way out of pretty much every situation.

In short, the BiC Acoustech PL-200 has a solid build quality, a hefty design, and plenty of other features that should keep you happy.

Audio Performance

Perhaps the most important factor of any subwoofer aside from the build quality is the audio performance. Obviously, people are going to shed hundreds of dollars and will expect a good audio output. Well, you should know that the Acoustech PL-200 delivers fantastic audio performance. The subwoofer managed to perform strikingly well in almost all the tests; the tests ranged from the ones that a common user would test as well as tests that are usually carried out by proper audiophiles, and we are proud to announce that the subwoofer happens to be top notch in the audio performance as well as the frequency response.

Our testing revealed that the subwoofer has more preference towards bass; the bass was clear, loud, and had quite a punch, it also felt a bit on the warmer side. But you shouldn’t worry as the subwoofer’s performance didn’t go wrong, and watching movies, listening to music, and even playing games was an absolute joy on this subwoofer.

You should know that with peak power output of 1000w, this happens to be one of the most powerful subwoofer and if you are someone who likes to literally shake things up with volume, you can easily achieve that effect without cranking the volume to the max. In simpler words, the audio output is perfect on almost all the frequencies and that is something that is usually hard to find in subwoofers, but the Acoustech PL-200 follows with it through and through.

Power Management

In the last main section, we will be discussing how this beast of a subwoofer manages to handle the power it consumes. For those who did not read the technical specifications, the Acoustech PL-200 comes with a built in amplifier that comes straight from BASH, you should keep in mind that the amplifier is able to output a massive 250 watts of continuous RMS power. In simpler words, the amplifier that comes built in the subwoofer is able enough to produce sound that can easily shake a room without much requirement of a volume boost.

Overall, the power management on the Acoustech PL-200 is something that you shouldn’t ignore at all costs, and not to forget that the 1,000w peak power is something that is very impressive considering the price point of this subwoofer.

Warranty And Services

The last bit is specifically for the people who are always doubtful about the warranty; you guys would be pleased to know that the BiC Acoustech PL-200 comes with amazing warranty benefits, if you are wondering what the benefits are, keep reading – after the purchase of this subwoofer, you will get 8 years warranty on parts and labour, and 5 years warranty on the amplifier itself. For those who are wondering if it’s enough or not, you should know that BiC is known for being amazing with warranty, as they can actually repair products for you that aren’t under the warranty as well, this is a huge plus for someone who ran out of warranty one way or the other.

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Final Words

All in all, when it comes to an amazing price to performance ratio, nothing can match the amazing Acoustech PL-200 subwoofer, it looks good, performs good, and although the weight and the size of this beast might be caveat for some, if you have a room spacious enough to fit this baby in, then you are going to have a good time. With that said, you should also keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how big or small your room is, the subwoofer is going to give you a massive performance – performance that will be enough to shake your room without even having the need to actually increasing the volume to the max.

The subwoofer comes with a plethora of connectivity options that are suitable for both the newest and the oldest tech. All in all, this is the perfect subwoofer for anyone who has a budget of around $350 as things don’t get better under this price range.

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