Top Ten Companies With The Best Web Hosting 2017-2018 Has to Offer

As time goes forward, the world becomes more advanced and in order to keep up with its ever increasing speed, businesses and organizations of all kinds must adapt. For any business in the twenty first century, having an online presence is an absolute necessity if they want to get noticed by their customer base and have any hope for survival, however going online isn’t as easy as it seems. Making a website and then running and maintaining it can be a big challenge, we’ll tell you about ten companies that provide the best web hosting 2017-2018 has to offer, web hosting is an amazing solution that makes going online extremely easy, all the hard work is taken care of by a group of experts, letting you focus more on your business and make it flourish.

What is Web Hosting?

The internet has given customers a lot of buying power, they can get detailed information about everything that is there in the market, and in fact most buyers use it like a bible from where they take guidance and advice before making any purchase. The best way to make your business visible and to maximize your chances of making sales is to make your brand appear in that said bible, every business nowadays has its own website or at least a page on Facebook.

In order to use the internet effectively to promote your business, you need professional help, making a website involves designing your webpages, making them live and then keeping them maintained so that data and traffic stay regulated and your page doesn’t crash. You also need servers-which can be pretty expensive- to regulate data flow. Long story short, things can get really complicated. This is where web hosting steps in, instead of setting up and managing everything yourself, you have the option to leave this crucial task to a bunch of experts.

There are many web hosting companies out there that will help you design, build, run and manage your website, every company has its own policies regarding how they will store your files on their servers, regulate data transfers, email and plenty of other features. A large variety of available packages and data plans means that there is a perfect web hosting solution for almost every business out there. You can even have custom packages made for your company but that will cost you more as well.

There are three major hosting types available in the market, namely:

Shared Hosting:

Server power and data are shared between multiple websites, this is an inexpensive solution for small businesses that don’t need to transfer loads of data and are okay with certain limitations.

Virtual Private Server:

This web hosting type provides you with more power and greater flexibility since you don’t have to share resources with other websites, they’re more costly than shared hosting but very cheap compared to dedicated servers.

Dedicated Hosting:

If you want power, efficiency and management of incredibly high levels of data per day then this solution is for you, it’s also incredibly expensive and only gets used by people have really heavy duty websites.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

The WordPress content management system is a very popular choice for site building, WordPress hosting plans are for websites that run on this system.

After reading about all the different types of hosting methods, you might be wondering that which one will suit your needs properly, you can find your answer to that by consulting with your web hosting company. They can come up with a pretty great feasibility report based on what you tell them about your business and what you want. Another option is to start off small with a shared web hosting solution and upgrade in the future, the best thing about web hosting is that you can always upgrade and expand your packages as your business grows.

What to Look For?

When you visit a website of any web hosting company or get on touch with them, the company will give you a list of various web hosting packages that they offer, with all the details listed. What you need to do is make sure that the package you go for has everything that you need, some companies make you buy important components such as site builder software separately, which can be inconvenient for businesses that wish to build a site from scratch. So make sure that you get what you need, also pay attention to the duration of the package and the payment method, a majority of web hosting services have a time of at least one year, also check whether a monthly basis payment plan suits you better or a yearly one.

One thing that is absolutely necessary to have is solid customer support, the web host that you choose for your website management should be available to help you troubleshoot and streamline your system 24/7. The smallest problem in your system can lead to crashes and other inconveniences for your customers that can lead to bad reputation amongst frequent visitors and make your site inaccessible to new potential customers, so make sure that someone on the technical end is always ready to assist you.

Server operating systems play a big role in how your website runs, the default option is Linux since it runs with almost everything, but sometimes exceptions have to be made to accommodate certain server side applications that you need. Server’s with Windows are easy to administer since they have a GUI instead of command line, but most modern Linux servers also have GUIs now so that’s not a big issue. Remember to go through everything and double check all the services that your web host provides in order to ensure that you don’t run into any inconveniences down the road.

The worst case scenario for a website is when it goes offline, this can happen due to many reasons, all of which have their roots lying in poor website management, make sur that the web host you choose is reliable and will provide you with the maximum amount of uptime. Another thing to note is that while a majority of the web hosting packages that you’ll find in the market look very similar but are never identical, some web hosts are more security focused, they’ll fight off malware and spam in order to keep your website clean, some packages offer email marketing tools and some are designed to provide a reliable e-commerce solution.

Now that you have a decent amount of knowledge about web hosting, let’s take a look at some of the best names in the web hosting market.

List of The Best Web Hosting Services of 2017-2018

  • HostGator Web Hosting
  • 1&1 Web Hosting
  • InMotion Web Hosting
  • Bluehost Web Hosting
  • Hostwinds Web Hosting
  • GoDaddy Web Hosting
  • DreamHost Web Hosting
  • Arvixe Web Hosting
  • Liquid Web Hosting
  • Media Temple Web Hosting

HostGator Web Hosting

best web hosting 2017
Hostgator is an award winning web hosting company that has its name in the list for the top ten biggest web host companies in the world, they provide clients with web hosting solutions that are reliable and affordable, whether you’re a small company that wishes to obtain an online presence or a large organization that needs an effective website, HostGator can get the job done.

Gator web hosting has a variety of hosting solutions that allow them to appeal to a large client base, they have the option for shared hosting that is extremely cheap and geared towards small scale businesses or businesses that are experimenting with going online. One great feature about their web hosting is that they don’t meter their disk space and bandwidth, meaning that your data transfer capacity and your data storage limit have no restrictions on them. If you want something more powerful then HostGator also has VPS hosting, their powerful servers will provide you with great website management at great prices, another noteworthy feature about HostGator is that the company has extremely fast and reliable WordPress cloud hosting, in fact you could easily say that HostGator has some of the best managed WordPress hosting solutions that are 2.5x faster than what other companies have to offer.

Visit their website and get in touch with HostGator personnel through live chat or an email, find out what suits you the most and then design your website using their extremely user friendly interface, they also have a 45 day money back guarantee for unsatisfied clients.

1&1 Web Hosting

web hosting reviews
1&1 Web Hosting promises to be fast, reliable and unlimited, they provide their clients with a variety of web hosting solutions, including managed cloud hosing that gives the client an amazing level of flexibility and optimization that enables the web host to provide smooth and efficient website management. All of their cloud servers are powered by Intel Xeon chips, which provide extreme computing power coupled with lighting fast data transfer via SSD, basically 1&1 Web Hosting makes use of the best hardware to provide you with the best support.

Starting off with their web hosting packages, these solutions are aimed at basic websites that don’t require too much data management, 1&1 Web Hosting gives you unlimited web space and websites which allows you to expand your website with ease. All of these packages are pretty cheap and very diverse too, the only problem is that 1&1 Web Hosting provides you with website tools in only one package, the rest don’t have any included.

1&1 Web Hosting has some pretty decent solutions for WordPress hosting, they provide you with a minimum of 50 GB data storage on SSD drives, you can even upgrade to unlimited space. Along with fast access and data transfer, the company also ensures security and 24/7 technical support which can come very handy when running a website.

Everything that 1&1 Web Hosting has to offer is focused on security and performance, making them a good choice for anyone who wish to keep their website malware and spam free and online all the time.

InMotion Web Hosting

inmotion hosting review
If you want a website that looks professional and brings out the most of your business’s personality then inMotion Web Hosting is a choice to be considered, this company has a variety of solutions that are packed with features and a guarantee of 99.99% of network uptime, the only thing that stops them from competing with some of the best web hosting companies out there is the fact that they don’t have any WordPress web hosting and their servers only run Linux.

Linux is a great server operating system that gives you a lot of power as an administrator and lets you optimize your website, the problem is that Linux uses command line, which can be impossible for a layman to use, its GUI isn’t as good as Windows’ either. Also, if you opt for InMotion then you won’t be able to use any windows based server side applications. However, for people who want Linux, InMotion is a pretty decent choice, their webhosting and VPS are affordable and provide you with SSD to store data, unlimited emails and some pretty good security.

For larger companies that require more heavy duty hosting, this web host has dedicated servers that cost quite a lot but also provide you with powerful and reliable web hosting, their servers are equipped with powerful Xeon CPUs and extremely fast SSDs, along with plenty of RAM, ensuring that you get computing power worth your money. InMotion Web Hosting has a few kinks in its armor, but other than that they’re a very good choice, the company also has a 30 day money back guarantee in case you don’t like what they have to offer.

Bluehost Web Hosting

bluehost review
Bluehost Web Hosting is a powerful software that is great for making stable web pages that are unique and have a superb uptime, it provides you with options for shared hosting that is geared towards small businesses, VPS that provides more power at less cost, dedicated hosting for beefier webpages and optimized WordPress hosting. This web host is powering over 2 million websites worldwide, providing every client with satisfactory and safe web hosting, Bluehost sounds really awesome, but they have a few problems that stop them from being the best, the biggest being that the company doesn’t provide any tools for website management with their packages, you have to buy everything separately.

Bluehost has decently priced shared hosting packages that provide you with unmetered bandwidth and plenty of space for your website, the starter package is a bit restricted but for a few extra dollars per month you can opt for their prime package which has pretty much everything except for website tools. They also have some pretty decent VPS packages for clients that want more power, you can start off with their shared hosting and then decide to upgrade if you wish, or have your money returned to you within the first 30 days if Bluehost fails to satisfy you.

Bluehost WordPress is optimized for you, their VPS servers provide you with everything that you need to keep your WordPress fast, responsive and secure. Even the most basic WordPress package includes good security solutions, as you go towards the higher tiered packages you get more space and more computing power. Bluehost is a little pricey, but their services are worth the money.

Hostwinds Web Hosting

hostwinds review
There are numerous small details that make a web host good, covering all of these points effectively is hard but not impossible, and Hostwinds Web Hosting manages to do a pretty good job at covering a number of them. This web host promises enterprise level solutions at small business prices, their dedicated server solutions start at $99 per month, which is pretty cheap compared to what other companies offer. Hostwinds have web hosting packages for windows and Linux, which is great since it gives you more options to choose from when designing your website, however not every package has the option for a Windows server.

Some of their best qualities are that they give you unlimited emails and put no limitations on your data transfers, they also have superb 24/7 customer support, ensuring that you don’t run into trouble with your site and you get the maximum amount of uptime. Their shared hosting packages are pretty amazing, nightly backups, free domains and dedicated IP addresses for as much as $6.5. The place where Hostwinds really shines is with its VPS packages, you get Linux and windows servers that are equipped with SSDs for fast data transfer ad storage, they also have VPS servers for Minecraft!

If you want a dedicated solution for web hosting then this web host can give you customized dedicated packages that suit your requirements, and at some pretty great prices. The option to customize lets you get rid of any features that you might not need, this can help you cut down on the cost of your dedicated web hosting quite substantially. Hostwinds is a great website that provides affordable quality and reliability.

GoDaddy Web Hosting

godaddy hosting review
GoDaddy is a very fast and reliable web hosting service, they offer many packages ranging from shared to dedicated solutions that cover a wide range of requirements, one of the best things about GoDaddy is that they guarantee a 99.99% uptime for every client, and this isn’t just a bluff, they really do have some of the best uptime results. They aren’t extremely expensive either, their servers run on Linux and on Windows too, their diverse setup means that GoDaddy will be able to cater to your needs easily.

This web hosts shared hosting solutions provide you basic security and free domains, their deluxe package even adds the option to perform SEO on your website, making it more visible on the web. The unfortunate part is that GoDaddy doesn’t give unmetered bandwidth or storage space for your website and their shared hosting packages don’t have any website building tools included. Moving on to their WordPress hosting plans, GoDaddy provides blazing fast hosting for your WordPress website, they take care of all the technicalities so that you can focus on designing the perfect website.

However, this web host has certain down points that are constant, their WordPress packages are restricted as well, you have a visitor cap of up to 800,000 per month and the maximum amount of storage you get is of 50 GB, but that 50 GB is on an SSD so that’s a plus point.

Overall, GoDaddy is a good web host but not the best for people who want a restriction free zone to work in, but if you’re okay with their limits then GoDaddy can easily satisfy you, with their reliable work and fast response time.

DreamHost Web Hosting

dreamhost review
DreamHost Web Hosting has won multiple awards for its exceptionally good services, some of which include the award for best customer support. Currently they host over 1.5 million apps, websites and blogs all around the world, making sure that each and everyone gets unparalleled hosting. This web host has solutions for shared and dedicated hosting, they even have WordPress management, each and every package is security orientated, making sure that your site is safe at all times, they even give you extensive domain management tools and unlimited data transfers every month.

DreamHost does a great job at making sure that their clients get all the help they need, their website give you an overview of what they have to offer and lets you get a clearer picture of what you’re looking for in a web hosting solution, their shared and VPS packages provide you with reliability and power at affordable rates, and if you want a powerful dedicated server, DreamHost has solutions for that too. Every package has unlimited data transfers and top notch security, ensuring that you get an open and secure environment in which you can build your website. An unfortunate thing is that DreamHost only has Linux servers.

For WordPress, DreamHost has two options, the first one has shared hosting and is made for basic WordPress websites with low traffic, the next option is DreamPress, which is five times faster than its little brother and is fully managed so that you don’t have to waste time on the technicalities.

DreamHost is a great option that provides a secure and reliable website making experience, anyone who isn’t new to web hosting will find this web host to be very convenient.

Arvixe Web Hosting

arvixe review
This web host has been in the market since 2003, providing clients with low cost solutions that are reliable and packed with features that make your website building and managing experience smoother. Some of the notable things about Arvixe Web hosting are that they give you unlimited data transfers, disk space and email accounts, also, you get a free domain that becomes yours for life when you purchase any of their hosting plans. Arvixe has even won an award for its superb web hosting, they have a diverse range of solutions that cater to a wide clientele.

Arvixe claims that they keep prices low and affordable, they don’t have any hidden charges that bloat up your bill either. Despite the low prices, this web host still does a great job at providing reliable web hosting services, they guarantee a 99.9% uptime and their entire set up is automatic, if you want to migrate your already existing website then Arvixe will be more than happy to do that free of charge. Their VPS hosting plans are designed to be customizable for Linux or Windows servers, giving clients plenty of choice.

One major downside of Arvixe Web hosting is that they don’t have the best customer support, which can be very bad if you run into troubles that make your website problematic for your visitors. Other than that, Arvixe is a great choice for startup businesses or organizations looking to venture into website development, their low prices and variety of free development tools make them a suitable for people who are new to web hosting.

Liquid Web Hosting

liquid web reviews
The first thing to note about Liquid Web Hosting is that while they offer great web hosting solutions and some of the best customer support, their services are geared towards larger clients and not for beginners or people who want lightweight and inexpensive solutions. Liquid Web Hosting has some of the best VPS packages and fully managed dedicated hosting solutions that give you plenty of computing power to handle heavy websites and high traffic flow. Everything about this web host is high end, they have no solutions for shared web hosting.

This web host makes use of powerful hardware in order to ensure that their client gets reliable computing power that can get the job done, their superb VPS packages make use of lighting fast SSD drives to provide you with fast storages and data transfer, storage limit goes from 1 to 256 GB and you have the option to get the entire system managed by the web host, getting all the dirty work off of your hands and giving you more time to spend on designing and running your website.

Their dedicated servers are meant to be top of the line, you get primary SSD storage with RAID 1 configuration, a minimum of 16GB system RAM is provide and you also get plenty of space for backups. They also have Windows servers. To top it all off, Liquid web Hosting’s Heroic Support gives you superb technical assistance at all times, if you want to go big and have the money to spare, then this web host is a very decent option.

Media Temple Web Hosting

Media Temple Web Hosting
Another premium web hosting service, Media Temple Web Hosting provides exceptional web hosting that is geared towards professionals as well as people such as freelancers who need light yet reliable web hosting. Their services don’t come cheap, especially their VPS and dedicated server packages, but the web host justifies their high price tags by providing you with a near perfect web hosting experience for those people who don’t require Windows based servers, Media Temple only operates on Linux servers.

Media Temple Web Hosting has shared hosting solutions that are great for freelancers, in-house marketing teams and other small scale operations, fast SSD storage make sure that you get good data transfer and storage speeds, files get backed up every 30 days and you also get DDoS and intrusion protection. A quick setup wizard makes starting off your work very simple. Their VPS solutions are made for digital media companies, e-commerce and app developers, you get plenty of power and a guarantee of 99.9% uptime, and their dedicated servers take everything up to the next level and provide loads of power and superb data management that can easily handle operations as large as entire enterprises.

Media Temple also has high performance WordPress hosting that is fully optimized. Every package is backed up by the web host’s award winning 24/7 customer support that makes sure to keep your web hosting experience smooth and trouble free. You might have noticed by now that unfortunately, Media temple doesn’t give any development tools with any of their packages, but other than this and their lack of Windows servers, they’re a good choice if you want power, speed, reliability and expertise.

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