14 Best Vacuums 2017-2018 Has in Store

A modern household is filled with all sorts of appliances that help improve our standard of living, the vacuum cleaner is one of these many devices that makes the task of cleaning your home easier. This list will take a quick look at the 14 best vacuums 2017-2018 has available in the market, helping you choose one that suits you the most.

#1 Numatic Henry HVR200-A2

henry hvr200 reviewThe adorable and compact Numatic Henry has been around for more than 20 years, providing users with a versatile and affordable cleaning appliance. The Henry HVR200-A2 is the latest generation of the Henry vacuum cleaner, its robust cylinder body makes storing the cleaner easy and also makes moving the machine around easier. You get a variety of accessories and cleaning heads along with the vacuum that are easy to use and very well-designed.

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The Henry HVR200-A2 weighs around 8.5 KG, which is heavier than most cylinder vacuums, but the appliance makes up for it with its powerful 580W motor and a self-contained bagged filter system. The cylinder body has a storing capacity of 9 litres, you should remember to clean out the filters every month in order to ensure that your vacuum stays healthy. This vacuum is pretty awesome in terms of reach, you get a 2.3 meter long hose that is made of durable materials, and the hose can be extended by attaching up to three metal pipes provided with the vacuum. You also get a wide cleaning head that has two wheels attached to its bottom in order to make it more manoeuvrable, and an assortment of smaller cleaning heads that allow you to clean all kinds of areas.

A 10 meter long cable further adds to this vacuums already exceptional reach, and the best part is that you get all of this for only $379.01, an exceptionally low price tag. The only problems that you’ll face with the Numatic Henry HVR200-A2 are that it is heavy and doesn’t do well with pet hair.

The Best Vacuums 2017-2018 Has For You

Product NameKey Feature #1Key Feature #2
Numatic Henry HVR200-A2Generous 9-L Capacity Bagged Cylinder CleanerRobust, Solid And Powerful
Dyson DC59Powerful And Superior Dyson V6 Digital Motor2 Tier Radial Cyclones
Sebo Felix Vogue EcoTop-Notch Cleaning With Its Powerful Side SuctionPowerful 700W Motor + Extra-large 3.5L Capacity
Dyson DC75 Cinetic Big Ball AnimalSpacious 2.18-Litre Dustbin CapacityIncredibly Bag-Less + Filter-Less Model
Dyson V6 FluffyExcellent Cordless Stick Vacuum With 20-Minute Run TimeSpecial Head For Hard Floor And Powered Cleaner Head
Dyson V8 AbsoluteBrilliant Soft Head Cleaner Head For Hard FloorsLong-Life Battery Of Up To 40 Minutes
Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerlineExcellent Built-in Pet Odour FilterPowerful Air-Powered TurboBrush + Special Head For Hard floor
Vax Air Cordless Lift U85-ACLG-BUp to 50 Minutes Run Time2-in-1 Cordless Upright + Detachable Handheld
Gtech AirRamNo Dirt Shall Prevail With Its Motorized Brush Bar40-Minute Run Time Cordless Stick Vacuum
Miele Complete C3 Total Solution Allergy PowerLineIncredible And Unique 11-Stage Dust Filtration SystemExcellent Seal-Sealing HyClean GN Dustbags
Dyson DC54 AnimalNo Filter No ProblemComes With Excellent Handheld Tangle-Free Pet Hair Tool
Shark NV680UKTLift-Off DesignHandy Corded Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson DC41 Mk2 AnimalHelpful Handheld Tangle-Free Turbine Tool For Pet HairPrecise Automatic Head Adjustment
Sebo Airbelt E1 PetPowerful 1200W Motor + S-Class Dust FiltrationBagged And Comes With an Excellent Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner of 3.5-L Capacity

#2 Dyson DC59

best vacuums 2017The Dyson DC59 is a hugely versatile and innovative cordless vacuum cleaner, the appliance’s futuristic design and compact form make it look very impressive and eye catching, something that you usually don’t expect from a vacuum cleaner. Dyson intends to revolutionize house cleaning with their cordless line up, and so far they’re doing a pretty good job at it, the DC59 has more or less the same suction power as a normal corded vacuum but without the bulkiness.

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In terms of vacuum cleaners, this appliance is super lightweight, you can easily lift it above your head with one hand, making it highly suitable for cleaning high places and your ceiling. It has a total battery time of 26 minutes depending on how efficiently you use it, instead of having a power button, the DC59 has a trigger that needs to be held down to make the vacuum work, this conserves battery life by making sure that the vacuum isn’t left running unnecessarily. The device has plenty of other features that show just how well thought out its design is.

You get a holding capacity of 0.4 liters, which isn’t a lot but can be managed thanks to the dust bin’s convenient emptying mechanism that works with just a push of a button. You get a variety of cleaning heads and pipes of varying lengths that let you use the DC59 in various ways. Costing you around $317.60, the Dyson DC59 is a great option for quick cleaning in small households or casual cleaning in larger ones.

#3 Sebo Felix Vogue Eco

Sebo is a German company that has been in the cleaning industry for well over 36 years, they’ve had plenty of time to design and perfect their vacuums so that they can provide you with some of the most reliable appliances out there. The Sebo Felix Vogue Eco is a stylish and practical vacuum cleaner that can provide satisfactory cleaning in a variety of situations. It has an upright body with an L shaped head, but you can also use a hose attached to the side for more flexible cleaning. Priced at around Out of stock, it’s a pretty good buy for anyone who’s looking for a reliable and practical cleaning solution.

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The Felix Vogue weighs around 6.8 KG with a 700W motor that provides pretty solid airflow, it has an effective cleaning radius of 11 meters and is pretty easy to maneuver thanks to its turnable neck. Its wide cleaning head does a great job at covering space but can be difficult to use in tighter spaces, for cleaning under furniture and other things around your house, you can snap back the vacuums body and allow it to fit under most tight spaces. The entire machine is pretty well-designed but it can be a bit unstable when you are using its hose.

The Felix Vogue has an adjustable handle, a 3.5 liter holding bag and multiple power levels that let you choose the optimum suction level. This vacuum also does a good enough job at removing pet hairs from carpets and upholstery, making it a great choice for anyone who’s wants versatility and practicality.

#4 Dyson DC75 Cinetic Big Ball Animal

dyson dc75 reviewAnother innovative appliance manufactured by Dyson, the DC75 Cinetic Big Ball Animal is a high end upright vacuum cleaner that provides great cleaning capabilities and is extremely easy to maintain due to the fact that Dyson has designed this model to not need any maintenance at all. You can tell by the DC75’s name that it is designed to be pet friendly, meaning it’ll do a great job at cleaning out your pet’s pesky hairs from your furniture.

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Weighing at 8.7 KG, the DC75 is a little heavier than most upright vacuums, but that doesn’t affect its steering capabilities that much, Dyson’s ball technology allows you to smoothly steer your vacuum in whichever direction you want, you also get an instant release wand that can be used to reach high places for cleaning. One of the most innovative features in this vacuum is Dyson’s Cinetic technology which makes use of high frequency vibrations to separate the finest dust particles from the air that the vacuum sucks in, completely finishing the need for filters. All the dust gets collected in an easy to empty container that has a 2.18 liter holding capacity.

The DC75 pretty much acts as an air purifier along with its vacuuming functions, the manufacturers claim that this appliance spews out air that cleaner than what you breathe. The only problem with this vacuum is its price tag, it’ll cost you around a staggering , also, the DC75 is pretty heavy, making it a little tiresome to use, but other than that, this upright vacuum is a spectacularly amazing cleaning appliance.

#5 Dyson V6 Fluffy

dyson v6 fluffy best priceThe Dyson V6 Fluffy is a lot like the DC59 but better, the manufacturers have made a lot of improvements to their leading cordless vacuum cleaner, making it more powerful and more efficient. A new fluffy cleaning head make the vacuum perform even better on hardwood floors by creating a better pressure drop and improving the device’s suction power. Priced at around $298.44, the V6 Fluffy is compact, stylish, versatile and its multitude of specialized head tools allow the vacuum to perform quite well in a variety of situations.

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The V6 is extremely lightweight, all you need is one hand to operate it with, the form factor is a lot like the DC59 but Dyson has worked on improving the motor, which is based on the new V6 digital motor and has a whopping 110,000 rpm. You get a single battery that can last for around 20 minutes, which isn’t much but can be managed if you use the vacuum efficiently, but the vacuum will probably fall short if you have a larger house. You get a variety of extensions that let you adjust the vacuum’s length, it has a decent bin that is easy to empty, and when you need to store or charge your V6 Fluffy, simply leave it at the charging port that comes with the appliance.

This cordless vacuum cleaner is pretty much perfect for small to medium sized homes, capable of cleaning a variety of messes and pet hairs; it’s definitely worth buying as a secondary or a primary vacuum cleaner.

#6 Dyson V8 Absolute

The Dyson V8 Absolute is the bigger brother of the V6, it’s also the most expensive vacuum cleaner on this list, mostly due to the fact that it’s been engineered to have the portability and versatility of a cordless cleaner while having the power and efficiency of a full sized vacuum cleaner. Dyson gives you a multitude of specialized tools that combine with the V8’s power and offer you a superb level of cleaning.

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This cordless vacuum cleaner only weighs 2.6 KG, all you need is one hand to operate it and clean your entire house, an easy to remove and empty bin holds all the dust that the cleaner picks up, the bin has a decent 0.54 liter capacity. You get a very generous battery time of around 40 minutes, which is a huge improvement over Dyson’s older cordless models, the holding bin has also been improved in order to make emptying it even simpler. With the V8, you get one fluffy head that works wonders on hard surfaces, a direct drive cleaner head for carpets, a mini motorized tool for stairs and furniture and a combination tool for dust and debris.

Basically, a premium cordless vacuum cleaner that puts all other cordless models to shame, you can make you home cleaning a lot simpler with this tool, however there is one problem with this model. The Dyson V8 Absolute costs a whopping , meaning your wallet is definitely going to take a beating. However most people will agree that this vacuum, along with all of its specialized tool and features is definitely worth the buy.

#7 Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Powerline

miele c3 cat and dog reviewThe Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Powerline is a very powerful and reliable vacuum cleaner manufactured by a brand that is well versed in vacuum cleaning technology. This vacuum model also has a cylindrical body shape, making it compact and easy to lug around, but this cleaner packs a lot more heat than our previous entry. A 12000W motor powers this appliance, a 4.5L dust bag give you a decent amount of suction capacity and also makes cleaning out the vacuum easier, but the C3 is also significantly more expensive, costing around Check on Amazon.

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Judging by its name, you can tell that the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Powerline is specifically designed for dealing with pets, it’s extremely powerful motor can operate at six suction levels, letting you deal with heavy duty cleaning and also with cleaning up more casual messes. The vacuum’s turbohead is made to pull out pet hairs from all kinds of places, especially from upholstery, you can also use the smaller AirTeQ head to clean in tighter spaces. What makes the C3 great for pet owners is that not only does it effectively suck up pet hairs, but it also comes with AirClean filter that is made for sucking in pet dour and getting rid of any bad smells lingering in your living space.

You get a variety of cleaning heads that let you tackle almost any kind of mess in your home, its soft and flexible 11 meter has an amazing reach that can be further extended with telescopic metal pipes. The cable is an average 7.5 meters long which can be a little constricting, but overall, this vacuum cleaner is a great all in one cleaning solution for any household.

#8 Vax Air Cordless Lift U85-ACLG-B

Another cordless entry, Vax Air Cordless Lift U85-ACLG-B isn’t as compact and portable as the Dyson DC59 but its rich with plenty of features that enhance your cleaning experience and make the entire process more convenient. This highly practical appliance costs around £132.89, making it a pretty expensive cleaner, but it justifies the beefy price tag by providing you with plenty of features.

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This cordless vacuum cleaner weighs around 5.1 KG, making it pretty easy to move around with, you get an upright body frame on which the appliance’s main body gets attached for easy cleaning in wide spaces. Its cylindrical body also has a hose attached to it that has a decent reach and comes with multiple cleaning heads, if you want to reach in tight spaces or make your vacuum more portable then you can remove it from the upright frame and hold it in one hand while you do your cleaning. Two removable batteries give the U85-ACLG-B a pretty decent battery life of around 60 minutes depending on how you use it and what cleaning heads you use.

In terms of ease of use, the U85-ACLG-B is a pretty close contender of the DC59, but it has a few short comings such as bad cleaning near edges, the upright frame cleaning heads tend to leave behind debris near edges. Luckily this is pretty much the only problem with this overall amazing cordless vacuum cleaner, it has a considerable amount of suction power and is very portable to boot.

#9 Gtech AirRam

gtech air ram best priceWe are getting to see more and more cordless vacuums in the market now, and gone are the days when a cordless vacuum couldn’t provide the same levels of suction as a normal vacuum, however the next entry on our list can’t be called a vacuum, think of it as a powerful handheld cleaning appliance that looks a lot like a vacuum. The Gtech AirRam is a lightweight, practical and highly efficient cordless appliance that does a great job at cleaning, its £239.00 price tag makes it an affordable portable vacuum cleaner.

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The AirRam only weighs 3.5 KG, it has a 100W motor that provides it with more than enough power to pick up large debris and fine dust from smooth surfaces. Unlike traditional vacuums, the AirRam doesn’t have a dedicated fan that aids with its suction, instead it uses it sweeping brush as a fan. This appliance is very easy to maintain, it has two filters that stop debris and fine dust from damaging the motor, all you have to do is use a coin to remove them, then wash them and put them back inside. It also has a pretty flexible neck, allowing great steering and letting you reach under your furniture with ease.

The Gtech AirRam does a pretty decent job but it isn’t the most powerful vacuum out there, on heavier carpeting, the AirRam struggles and does a poor job at cleaning, also, you don’t get any accessories with the vacuum. This appliance certainly won’t replace your current vacuum cleaner, but it can aid with your home cleaning as a secondary cleaning appliance.

#10 Miele Complete C3 Total Solution Allergy PowerLine

Allergies can be very annoying and very hard to deal with, especially dust allergies since dust is everywhere. The Miele Complete C3 Total Solution Powerline is designed to make house cleaning easy and trouble free for people who have trouble dealing with dust, it boasts an intricate filtration system that is almost as lengthy as the vacuum’s name, allowing the machine to filter out a number of allergens and fine dust from the air. It’s pretty good at cleaning too and does its job quietly.

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The Miele Complete C3 Total Solution Allergy PowerLine is pretty lightweight, weighing under 6 KG, making it easy to move around while you do your cleaning, the cable could be longer but the hose has a comfortable reach and you also get telescopic tubes to extend it further. A variety of cleaning heads make the vacuum pretty versatile, you also get Miele’s AirTeQ head and the turbohead that can provide suction power similar to that of a 2000W motor. This vacuum has great edge cleaning capabilities and also does a very good job at cleaning up pet hair, the turbohead performs a little poorly on heavier carpeting but still manages to get the job done.

Overall, the C3 Total Solution Allergy PowerLine is a very satisfactory vacuum cleaner that can take on some pretty heavy duty cleaning and its 11 step air filtration process also cleans out your air. One downside to this vacuum is that it costs around Out of stock, making it a pretty expensive buy.

#11 Dyson DC54 Animal

dyson dc54 animal best priceAnother entry by Dyson, the DC54 Animal is a great cylinder vacuum cleaner that needs no bags and next to zero maintenance, it’s been engineered for homes that have pets and have to deal with pesky pet hair. Everything that Dyson produces is top notch, with its powerful suction and great visual appeal, Dyson is also a high tiered brand, this particular model will cost you somewhere round £319.99 but its definitely worth buying if you can afford it.

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The DC54 Animal is lightweight and compact, it has next generation looking aesthetics that you would expect to see on any Dyson product, the machine makes use of Dyson’s Cinetic technology that greatly helps with air filtering. This model has an astounding 54 small cyclones put together that eliminate even the tiniest dust particles from the air, making the need for additional filters completely redundant. Thanks to this extremely efficient air filtering process, the DC54 has been approved by the British Allergy Foundation (BAF), making it a great buy for people who want to keep their homes clean but have sensitive noses, one downside to this model is that it isn’t that energy efficient and its loud too, the 1600W motor has a D class energy efficiency rating.

Dyson’s ball technology makes steering this appliance a breeze, you also get a decent reach and plenty of heads that allow you to clean in various ways, a specialized head tool for dealing with pet hairs on upholstery works like a charm, helping you get rid of pet hair without the head tool getting clogged up by hairs getting tangled up inside the brushes. Another amazing product by Dyson.

#12 Shark NV680UKT

Everyone nowadays wants stuff to be as portable as possible, the Shark NV680UKT is one of the many vacuum cleaners out there that provide you with portability but what makes it stand out is its long list of features and its extremely versatile design.

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The Shark NV680UKT has an upright body, which makes you think that how can an upright vacuum be portable? It’s even heavier than most other upright models out there. The best thing about this vacuum is that just like the Vax Air Cordless Lift U85-ACLG-B, the Shark NV680UKT has an upright frame from which the vacuum’s body can be detached and moved around, meaning that you get a portable cleaner that can be used to clean out hard to reach places and an upright vacuum for more general cleaning. The Shark has a HEPA class anti-allergen filtration system and a powerful 850W motor that has an A-class energy rating.

A flexible steering makes it easy to control the machine while you clean, it also has a powerful LED light that can shine light upon even the darkest places and allow you to clean them. You also get a large variety of parts and accessories that further increase the appliance’s ability to be versatile, it can pretty much clean out any sort of mess, from fine dust to chunky debris, all of which get stored inside it’s easy to empty bin. The downside to this device is that it’s heavy and has a small holding capacity, but at around Out of stock it’s a great portable and versatile option.

#13 Dyson DC41 Mk2 Animal

Yet another vacuum by Dyson, the DC41 Mk2 Animal is an upright model that has superb maneuverability, suction power and features that make it perfect for pet owners. Since it’s a Dyson product, a hefty price tag is to be expected, it’ll cost you around  but is also worth spending money on. Dyson states that this vacuum will clean better than any other upright vacuum cleaner on carpets and hardwood floors, and they aren’t bluffing, this vacuum packs plenty of power and specialized cleaning heads that do a superb job at sucking up dirt.

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The DC41 Mk2 Animal has a futuristic look that suits it very well, its transparent 2.1 liter holding bin does a great job at storing dirt without letting it escape, the bin is also pretty easy to empty. Dyson’s advanced air filtration system can get rid of fine dust from the air, eliminating the need for additional air filters to protect the motor and also making it a good option for people who have dust allergies, in fact this model is BAF approved. A ball head makes steering and controlling this vacuum extremely easy and if you want to reach high places then simply grab the instant release telescopic wand and use that to suck up dirt, you can attach a dedicated head tool to the wand in order to effectively clean out pet hairs from your carpets and furniture.

If you have a good budget then the Dyson DC41 Mk2 Animal is a great vacuum to purchase, especially if you’re a pet owner.

#14 Sebo Airbelt E1 Pet

The Sebo Airbelt E1 is sleek, powerful and practical, its small cylinder body is extremely lightweight and very easy to manoeuver thanks to its wheels, and the vacuum is designed to deal with pet hairs and has two turboheads that do a great job at sucking in your furry friend’s residues. Sebo also includes the option for using fresh perfume capsules that help get rid of unpleasant odors left behind by animals. It costs around £331.52 and is a great option for people who are looking for an all rounding pet compatible vacuum cleaner.

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The E1’s small body makes it very lightweight and easy to manoeuver, a powerful 1200W motor does the sucking and pulls all kinds of dirt into the vacuum’s bag that has a holding capacity of up to 3.5 liters. The machine is very silent considering how powerful it is, you can adjust suction levels according to your needs in order to further improve your cleaning experience. The E1’s pipe is pretty flexible and durable, you can attach stainless steel pipes to it to increase its reach and clean out all kinds of hard to reach spaces.

This vacuum excels at sucking up dust, it works wonders on hard flooring and also on heavy carpets, and its turboheads cover a wide area and do a great job at cleaning edges and nooks and crannies. The downside to this vacuum is that it has a limited holding capacity and its filtration system isn’t approved by HEPA, but other than that, it’s a great all-rounder.

The Different Kinds of Vacuum Cleaners

Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners can be categorized according to some of their key features such as whether a vacuum cleaner is bagged or bag-less. Bagged vacuum cleaners have been around for quite a while, they suck in dust and debris and their strong suction pulls everything inside of a bag that hangs outside of the vacuum, their key advantage is that they are easier to handle since once you’ve finished vacuuming you can dispose of the bag without having to open it up. Some manufacturers even make use of self-sealing bags that are even better at keeping dust in and let nothing escape them once the vacuum has sucked it in. Bagged vacuum cleaners are ideal for people with dust allergies but the downside to them is that you have to spend money on buying bags.

Bag-less Vacuum Cleaners

The other more recent design in dust suction technology are bag-less vacuum cleaners, these models store all the dust and debris inside of them instead of in a bag, not only making them more compact, but also allowing them to have stronger suction, making them the best vacuum for wood floors since their powerful pull can get stuff out from between the planks very nicely. These vacuums make use of a filter system installed inside of them that does a really good job at keeping all the dust inside, however these filters need to be cleaned out on a monthly basis, and in order to do that you need to open up your vacuum cleaner. Having to expose the filtration unit means that you allow fine dust to escape, which can spell disaster for people with dust allergies, but this is the only problem with bag-less vacuum cleaners.

Upright or Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners?

Once you’ve taken your time to consider what suction system suits you better, you should pay attention to the vacuum cleaner’s body shape. While vacuuming, you have to move the machine around a lot and navigate through plenty of hard to reach places, but this greatly depends on how you plan on using the vacuum cleaner and on your home’s interior. An upright vacuum cleaner is very easy to use, they’re easy to move around since the whole machine has a single moving unit, and they also have wider heads that help you cover more area in lesser time. However they fall short when it comes to vacuuming under furniture and in nooks and crannies.

If an upright vacuum cleaner sounds inconvenient then you can go for a cylinder shaped vacuum cleaner. Cylinder or canister vacuum cleaners have a compact body that connects to a pipe through which dust gets sucked in, they can be a bit annoying to move around but are excellent for cleaning in all kinds of places, you can even extend their pipes and increase your reach. However, if you have back problems then this kind of vacuum isn’t for you since most models have to be picked up in order to move them.

There is no perfect vacuum body shape, it all depends on your lifestyle, how you plan on using the appliance and your home’s layout. This article will give you a decent amount of details for the some of the best upright vacuum cleaners and the best rated canister vacuum cleaners in the market.

Five Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner

These five factors should be kept in mind when you go out for vacuum hunting, every individual needs their own combination in a vacuum cleaner.

The first thing you need to look at is maneuverability, you need to be sure that the model that buy can be steered and controlled easily in your home environment. For upright cleaners, stability is really important since their body shape makes them easy to topple over, other things that come under maneuverability include whether the vacuum’s cleaning heads can move smoothly on surfaces or not. In order to make a vacuum truly flexible and maneuverable, you can opt for a cordless model, they eliminate cord management but at the cost of less power, scroll down for information about some of the best cordless vacuum cleaners available in the market.

You should check how well can a vacuum clean carpets, carpets act like dust magnets and provide dust with the perfect place to settle into making vacuuming on them much more challenging than on plain floors. A good vacuum cleaner should be able to clean out a carpet effectively with three sweeps.

Edges, nooks and crannies also gather dust easily, they are also pretty hard to clean since reaching them properly can be difficult. Not only should a vacuum have strong suction for this job, it should also come with specialist cleaning heads that make accessing such places easier.

The same goes for hard floor cleaning, a vacuum should have enough suction power to clean out all the gaps that are part of the hard flooring.

For people who owns cats and dogs, a vacuum cleaner’s ability to clean out pet hair is vital. Removing pet hair from upholstery can be a nightmare and a challenging task even with a vacuum cleaner, we’ve covered some of the best vacuum for pets and their annoying hairs as well.

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