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Best Gaming Chairs To Buy in 2017-2018

Gaming is best done when you’re comfortable. Especially if you plan on gaming for an extended period. In fact, even if you don’t “plan” on gaming for that long you still end up in the same position sitting there for possibly hours at a time because you don’t notice the time fly by. Gaming is really fun, but as your concentration is somewhere else, you may not notice your body starting to feel the ache that can happen when you’ve been sitting in your seat stiff with your focus elsewhere. So here are some of the best gaming chair 2017-2018 can offer you.

#1 Sanford 5121001

best gaming chair 2017Gaming chairs aren’t always your typical chairs like the ones you see in a classroom. They can come in different shapes and sizes, and some are more designed towards other forms of gaming than the other. The Sanford 5121001 ABC Life Style Furniture Video Rocker is an example of this as it more of a PS4/Xbox One gaming chair or any other type of console but not so much for PC gaming. It’s relatively lightweight at 11.4 pounds and doesn’t even require any setup and perfect for any kid or teenager that like to spends their time invariably staring at their TV blowing stuff up and killing people. The material is tight around the wood it is made from which makes it comforting.

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The chair may not be as suitable for an adult since with a taller height than that of a teenager; you’re more likely to tip the chair if you lean too far back which kids and teens don’t have to worry about. However, even then that can be easily rectified if you only set the chair up against a wall or something to support its weight if you want to be cautious about tipping it over in the wrong direction.

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#2 X Rocker 51396

A combination of both PC and console gaming, the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Wireless Gaming Chair lets you not only listen to your music, movie or video games but practically feel them too through its interactive audio and endorses you to become part of the excitement that you feel. Hiding two speakers close to the headrest plus a subwoofer with Audio Force Modulation tech, its innovating treat embodies speakers and subwoofers into an open space within the X Rocker Pro to magnify the quality of the sound and intensify your experience in a price of Check on Amazon.

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This 2 in 1 chair is not only wireless but elevates and lets you tilt back and swivel in place to your heart’s content. With a stylish approach to its gun shaped armrest, it comes with a control panel that sets you up to take control of your sound and separately adjust your volume and bass tempos so that you can find that combination you enjoy best.  It has input and output jacks to connect your source and other devices, and the wireless receiver is built-in.

Set up takes only a few minutes and has great viability for adults and younger children alike with extreme durability, and the audio features can blow you away. The wireless functionality is compatible with Xbox, unconfirmed for PlayStation.

#3 Akracing AK-5015

Bad posture is a cause of bad health. The Akracing AK-5015 takes care of both. With great care and attention to detail, you feel relaxed while sitting in it at any time especially while gaming, streaming or even just working in it. The chair offers phenomenal support and can address issues that you may have when looking for a new chair altogether. Not just your back but also your wrists, arms, legs and by extension your entire body soothes itself while sitting in one of these delightful chairs built to optimal levels for relaxation and stress relief. The material just doubles up what was already told and is an excellent chair that comes at its own rate of Out of stock.

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With an assembly so smooth you might even think the chair is building itself, it is another good chair for adults especially the tall ones out there. It rolls great, and one should be pleased with just how it sits and comes with both the head and back pillow. You can rock it back and forth with a variation on the tilt mechanism, and you can adjust the knob to vary the resistance to tilt. Durable, soft and bound to last, the Akracing AK 5015 is a fine option for your long sitting hours at home or work.

#4 Kinsal Ergonomic Leather High-Back Swivel Chair

kinsal chair reviewWith a design based on prototype racing cars with the seat extending the comfort of desk-bound sitting and appropriate design that can calm the pressure of the spine for long hours of sitting comes the Kinsal Ergonomic Leather High-back Swivel Chair with headrest and lumbar support. A sleek design which is available in a variety of colours and the armrests can move and snap in different positions for a soothing sitting experience and can get you through your day in a buying price of  $169.99.

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It makes sure you feel relaxed during a stressful working period or your intense gaming sessions and allows 90 to 180-degree backwards movement. Adjustable so that you can even nap in it and stability to match, it’s an ideal chair for your daily sessions suitable all the way up to your adult years. The reclining mechanism works amazingly with minimal to no noise, and you can sit in it for vast hours ranging over the course of the day, and it lives up to its look. Easy to assemble and glides without hesitation and given that it comes with a headrest and lumbar support, makes it one of the best chairs out there on the market. It even has support pillows which can be adjusted to comfort whatever sitting posture you decide to take. Overall, it is a chair with an attractive design that is sure to make your visiting guests notice it.

#5 DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NG

dxracer oh/fd101/nbThose who seek affordable luxury need not look further. These chairs are known in the eSports scene and have their own fair share of exposure. The Formula Series chairs are comfortable to sit in for hours at a time, and while some chairs have a low back that makes your neck hurt after a while, the DXRacer Formula Series come with a high backrest that overcomes such issues with triviality. Just about everything from the seat to its recline, to its armrests can be adjusted at will so to make those days you spend gaming an experience not hindered by your physical posture. While being easy to assemble it also comes with a head pillow and a lower back pillow and with all its popularity this chair comes at a rate of $289.00 to show it truly is desired by amateur and professionals alike.

#6 New High Back Race Car Style Bucket Seat Office Desk Chair Gaming Chair

But a lot of us aren’t professionals nor are we that high on a budget. A similar High Back Gaming chair while offering its own unique feel, this chair also features a Bucket seat for extra comfort and an equally comfortable back. It supports the entirety of your backbones and checks that your long hours are met without discontentment along with its padded armrests and even a gas spring. Though it may not be the best chair to buy if you are too tall for it but falls affordably at $89.99.

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Short assembly, good quality with excellent seating and looks great and is quite supportive for your body frame. Rest assured; this chair is worth its weight in what you pay for it. It has low head rest, and the recline needs a few days to set in, and you need to loosen the dial but rest assured it definitely does recline as you would need though it may not go full flat like the other chairs can. It also includes a wench for the bolts and screws you’ll be putting together during assembly.

#7 Homall Desk Chair Executive Swivel Leather Office Chair

homall ergonomic high-back game chairNot a console gamer? Don’t worry about it, the next chair we have is a comfortable PC gaming chair as well. You can sit in it for a handful of hours altogether without sweat dripping down your back, and the adjustable height makes it a reliable option for kids or teenagers or even adult gamers alike. The chair may require assembly when it is delivered to your front porch, but assembly is quick, easy and wouldn’t take you more than 20-30 minutes to set it all up. It’s another cheap gaming chair with convenience to match and durability to stay coming in at a price of $62.99.

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Kids love to swivel, and this chair has got it along with wheels so that transporting it from one area to another can be done with relative ease and for the gaming part of it the arm rests can also be adjusted so that they don’t get in the way of your gaming. You can lean back on it, but that in itself does have limits, but for all the perks this chair has the cons are practically negligible. A good gaming desk chair that one should definitely consider for their gaming and office needs. It is also quite stylish and gives a theme to build on if aesthetics is something you would want to invest in and would definitely look good with a PC fitted with the appropriate lights to match.

#8 Merax Gaming Chair

merax chair reviewA racing styled high-quality chair with headrest and lumbar support; the Merax Gaming High Back Computer Gaming Chair comes with adjustable armrests and adjustable height to fit your needs as you see fit. With thick padding and back cushions, it promises extra comfort for those tedious workplace nights or exciting gaming sessions. The product boasts of perfection and design to the body’s natural shape and assures you great comfort with high-quality leather. The back reclines to its fullest extent all the way down flat and is very sturdy. Easy to assemble and the price on it comes at $139.90.

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Comfortable to sit in for hours, the Meerax Gaming Chair is elegantly designed and put briefly, an excellent option to look into if you want a gaming chair that lasts you as well as relaxes you. For some people, simplicity is best, and this is one chair that can deliver on that.

#9 Cohesion XP 2.1

A chair similar to that of the Sanford Video Rocker but with one significant difference, the Cohesion XP has built-in speakers which you can hook up to your system along with volume control so that you can adjust the volume effortlessly without having to go into the settings of your system to change it and leave your gaming. Relatively lightweight and comfortable, it’s an option to consider when looking for a chair with multiple features with a price tag of $49.58.

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The chair folds in half which makes it convenient to put away when you are done using it or if you just want to store it away. However, it is best for teens, and younger children since the seating does not have as much cushioning for a bigger audience and could be uncomfortable if you are too tall. To make up for it, the built in sound system is loud and can be connected through the use of an aux cable which is readily available at any tech store and is included with the package.

#10 Arozzi Torretta Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair

arozzi torretta gaming chairAn alternative to that expensive DXRacer Formula Series especially for gamers, the Arozzi Torretta offers comfort and style with a head and body pillow to ensure maximum satisfaction. The downside to this is that the width of the chair is only 13 inches in both spots, but it is still a comfortable fit for a taller audience. With a convenient tilt feature and soft material, the chair supports your head and shoulders with ease and comes in vibrant colours and quality fabric material. As stable as it gets with five high strength wheels the price of this chair boils down to $249.00.

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Clean-lined, full swivel in every direction and flexible with lightweight construction, the Arozzi Torretta does not sacrifice quality while attempting to provide you with a pleasant and comfortable experience for hours on end that you will spend on it.


A gaming chair is simply a must if you do not want to deal with uncomfortable issues like sitting in your bed for hours on end and just to have it sag down and leave you with a painful posterior which could last a while even after you have gotten up and especially leave a lasting mark on the bed itself. Depending on what you want to get, there is a large variety of chairs out there each coming with its own pros and cons and budget matters a lot in deciding just what you want. Sometimes you have money to spare or else you need to find the cheaper alternative. Regardless, there is definitely a chair out there that you will be pleased with and the chairs listed here are some of the best video gaming chairs 2017-2018 can offer you.

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