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The Three Best Flight Simulator 2017-2018

Being able to fly high in the sky is a dream that many people throughout the world share, thanks to technology it is possible to get on a plane and go for a ride in the clouds, but most people can only do that as passengers. It takes years of training and a lot of skill to be able to fly a plane, but thanks to advancements in video games and computing, you can live this dream from your home. This article is going to help you decide which is the best flight simulator 2017-2018 has for you, we’ll help you choose from the three software that we thought were the best in the market.

#1 Virtual Pilot 3D

Best flight simulator 2017Our first entry will appeal to anyone who wants a raw and pure experience of flying, this flight simulator has been approved by the FFA and is actually used in the training of real pilots. Every element of this game is designed to provide you with a realistic feel of flying a plane, a variety of intricately detailed and designed cockpits make you feel like you’re actually in the flight seat and numerous aerodynamics make handling your plane a really fun and immersive experience.

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Since this flight simulator is used commercially, the studio that has made it makes sure that it stay at the top in terms of realism, you get to choose from over 200 real airplanes and helicopters, each having its own accurately designed cockpit mockup. The game’s state of the art flight modelling system does a great job at mimicking the controls and flying capabilities of each and every plane in the game, you can actually feel the mass of larger planes when you fly them, commandeering them all across the world by landing and taking off from 25000 airports spread all across the world. Just like in real life, weather conditions effect how your plane flies, navigating through a thunder storm can be a thrilling and challenging experience, the weather system is dynamic and real time, you can also adjust it and create a personalized scenario.

The game’s mechanics are superb in terms of immersion and realism, and as an added bonus, the game has some pretty fantastic visuals that make it extremely aesthetic and further increase its real-ness. Virtual Pilot 3D is made with the word “real” kept in mind, it’s the best flight simulator out there for anyone who wants to experience life from a pilot’s point of view and fly all kinds of airplanes, ranging from fast and nimble fighter jets to gigantic passenger planes.

Contenders For The Best Flight Simulator 2017-2018

#2 X-Plane v10

best combat flight simulatorThe X-Plane v10 is a game that’s been in constant development for over 20 years, meaning that the developers have been updating the game to keep its pace with the world; the latest version of this game has plenty of features and great gameplay mechanics that provide you with a rich and immersive gameplay experience.

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The X-Plane v10 introduces you to a variety of elements in the game world, from real time weather to cities, airports and roads, all of which are dynamic and help make the game feel alive. You also get a great amount of flexibility while playing this game, almost every variable in the game is customizable, allowing you to create unique and precise scenarios in which you can test the limits of a large list of air vehicles that are at your disposal.

This flight simulator is available on windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and Linux, it’s also compatible on Mac and runs on 64-bit, enabling the game to fully utilize the power of modern day systems and unleashing some truly spectacular and immersive flying experiences. This game has a smaller number of planes available but is able to simulate each and every one perfectly, its list of 30 airplanes even includes a space shuttle! You can get tutorials for every plane that you fly, which let you quickly get the hang of every plane in the game.
This game also has online play, meaning you can fly through he skies with your friends and other virtual pilots. This simulator is also used for flight training although it isn’t FFA approved, its ability to be expanded through add-ons and expansion packs makes the game really future proof and can never let it get boring for you since new content is being released all the time. You can find the X-Plane v10 on Steam.

#3 Microsoft Flight Simulator X

best rc flight simulator 2017The final entry on our list is made by Microsoft and Dovetail, a game studio that has produced many simulation games that have entranced a huge number of gamers and normal people who enjoy realism. The Microsoft Flight Simulator X is the latest version of a software that was initially made in 2006, it’s undergone a constant stream of updates and enhancements that have brought the game to its current, extremely impressive version.

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Everything in this game is real time, the weather, season, airports even the clouds, and you can adjust every variable to come up with the most challenging scenarios that let you test your mettle and the limits of the plane.

What makes this game extra fun to play is that the developers have added an online mode to it, you can play with our friends, flying through custom made scenarios or completing the 80 missions that come with the game and earn awards. This game has a pretty impressive list of vehicles for you to choose from, ranging from iconic World War 2 planes to modern day passenger planes and fighter jets. The game’s detailed cockpit mockups, advanced aerodynamics and impressive graphics really help make you feel like you’re in the sky, however compared to the previous flight simulators that we discussed, the FSX lacks in graphics.

It’s a game that doesn’t require too much power in order to run, meaning you can easily run it on most laptops, another thing to note is that this game is made to provide immersion and fun, it isn’t precise enough to qualify for pilot training, but it’s a great option for anyone who wants to experience flying a plane. The Microsoft Flight Simulator X is available on Steam for download, join its community and have a great time flying through the sky with other virtual pilots.

A PC flight simulator can be categorized as a game, any simulation based game is designed to be as realistic as possible in order to help you get completely immersed in the experience. A flight simulator software tends to require more power from your computer but most computers nowadays can easily handle these games, you can also adjust a game’s graphical properties to make it more manageable for your machine. This list gives you all the basic details for the three most popular flight simulators available right now, each being a compatible with windows 10, the Microsoft Flight Simulator X being pretty popular on Steam. Dovetail, a well-known video game studio that is well versed in simulation software has a direct hand in the making of the Microsoft Simulator X; a dovetail flight simulator is going to give you great flying experience guaranteed.

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