The Bagless Vacuum Cleaner – Is It For You?

One of the most popular questions asked by customers looking for an easy home cleaning solution is whether or not they should buy bagless vacuum cleaners over the traditional bagged ones. Both kinds of Vacuum cleaners have their set of benefits and shortcomings that may or may not suit one’s cleaning needs at home, so it’s a subjective matter. Before we go into the specifics of whether or not a bagless vacuum cleaner would work for you, let’s first talk a little about how each of these vacuum cleaners function.

The bagged vacuum cleaner has a dust pan inside the main compartment that gathers all the dust as you use the cleaner. When the dust pan becomes full, you can go empty it and give it a wash or just dispose it and swap it out for a new one (this depends on what kind of vacuum cleaner you’re using). One of the main benefits of having a bagged vacuum cleaner is that many of them have disposable dust bags; you can just toss them away ever so hygienically once they’re full, no need to get your hands dirty.

The bagless vacuum cleaner functions a little differently; they either make use of a dust trapping filter that’s located in the main compartment, or they create a cyclonic channel of air to separate dust from the air and deposit it in a canister without needing a filter. So, why do people want these when they could just stick to the good old bagged vacuum that’s way simpler? Well, for starters, these bagless vacuum cleaners tend to be more efficient than their bagged counterparts. The filters don’t require replacement as frequently as bags do either, so there’s that little bit of convenience. Another neat thing about bagless vacuums is that the dirt collection is visible since most of these vacuums have a transparent chamber that gathers dust; this way you can see very clearly when the chamber needs to be emptied, and you can see if you accidentally sucked up something valuable in there.

Bagless vacuum cleaners are pretty innovative and overall easier to use; however, they’re still collecting dust and can only hold so much of it at a time. Just because you don’t have to clean them out as often as bagged vacuums doesn’t mean that you won’t have to ever worry about maintenance ever. In fact, when emptying out the dust chamber on a bagless vacuum, you’re probably going to end up dealing with more dust than what you’d find in the dustpan of an ordinary vacuum cleaner; this can expose you to dust particles that are harmful to you, especially if you have allergies. Another drawback of the bagless vac is that it’s twisted and turning air pathways that channel the dust into the collection chamber significantly impact its suction power. This makes bagless vacuums not very suitable for heavy duty cleaning.

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