Tom CarterThe Geekly news is run by by one geek. Tom Carter.

I’m a gadget-whore, though I’m trying to recover from this. I love games and buy more than I can actually play. Seriously. I buy a new computer every couple years, which I think is too infrequent and my wife thinks is too often.

But what I really love is games. Which is why I built this site. I love to read about em, play em, and think about em. And I really wanted to blog about em. Yeah, super original, I know. Nonetheless, here I am, and I’ve got a site now, so I suppose I should do something about it. We’ll see how well I do with that.

Well, here I’m at the Pax West Geek Convention – one of the best I’ve ever attended in my life. And as you can see, I’m a proud geek who won’t hesitate to say he’s proud of being a geek. Because, after all, what’s cooler than being a geek? And due to this passion of mine, which makes me spend quite a lot of money attending conventions and buying tons of gadgets, I have this blog where I’ll share with tons of gadgets reviews, news from the Geek World and a lot more. This is my space, and you my dear geek, are very welcome.

I attribute a lot of my geekiness to my dad, who, in a moment of great wisdom and insight, bought my family our first computer when I was but 8. These were the days before hard drives or touch devices. Heck this was before floppy drives (even before 5.25″ ones) and color screens. This was the heady days of 1980 – you figure out my age.

My father bought us an Atari 800, an awkward mix of a console game machine and a “computer” with 48k of memory. You could do some Basic programming (no seriously, in BASIC ) and play some awesome 8-bit games.

After that, we moved onto the Atari 520 ST, then the Atari 1040 ST. This was an incredible piece of kit – it had a full megabyte of memory, back when most machines had 256KB or so. A few years later, my dad pushed forward onto the fledgling Apple (Mac IIsi, anyone?) platform, but shortly after that, he and I parted ways, at least as far as our platform of choice was concerned. I was bitten by the gaming bug.

I did have a Mac LC-III briefly in university, but I chalk that up to temporary madness caused by it being offered up for free. (Thanks for buying it for me, Dad!)

And back then (and now, come to think of it), Macs just didn’t get the games. Perhaps Steve Jobs didn’t like games. Maybe he poked himself in the eye with a toy soldier as a baby and held a long-standing grudge. I dunno the reason, but PCs were – and are – where it’s at, and I jumped on board. I’ve succumbed a few years back to consolitis and bought myself an Xbox 360, but I still do the vast majority of my gaming on my PC.

I’ve been gaming ever since, and much to my wife’s dismay, expect I’ll continue doing so until I get too old to see what’s happening on screen.

By profession, I’m a web-developer for a Calgary University (in Alberta, Canada). I’ve dabbled a bit as a professional wedding photographer (on the side), and I spent a few years developing a board game that eventually went to production.

As for games, I play all types. Here’s the shortcuts on my desktop right now, in no particular order.

  • Rift
  • Dragon Age
  • Imperium Romanum
  • Shatter
  • Portal
  • Heroes of Might & Magic V
  • Drakensang: the River of Time
  • Sol Survivor
  • Torchlight

Hardware-wise, I’ve run everything from the original Pentium to a quad-core CPU. Back when I was single, I custom-built all my own rigs with the best components I can afford. Nowadays, I prefer the portability of a laptop, so I run everything through that and output it to my 47″ LCD. Here’s what I’m currently running… and this changes pretty frequently.

  • Dell Vostro 1220 2.4Ghz Core2Duo
  • 4GB RAM
  • 240GB Corsair Vertex SSD
  • ViDock 4
  • PowerColor 1GB Radeon HD 6850
  • Logitech G930 headset

I’m likely going to be upgrading soon to something faster.  We’ll see. :)

I hope you have fun reading my blog. Check out my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, check out my RSS feed. Keep gaming.