5 Vacuums That Will Put An End To Your Pet Hair Problem

Our pets are like family, and we love them just as such; we take them for walks, feed them food from our tables, and we just love spending time with them. We love our furry friends, but what we don’t love is the mess of hair they tend to leave the place. Pets are always shedding their coats of fur and leaving strands of hair all over the place, just like humans do – only that we don’t notice it as much since we only have so much hair on our bodies. Pet hair strands are especially a problem if you have carpeted floors, in which case if you’re not vacuuming daily, you’re going to start feeling like you’re living in a nest made out of fur real soon. Not only does pet hair make a mess but it might also be dangerous for you. You could unconsciously be eating, or worse, breathing in strands of your Pet’s fur every day; you don’t need to speak to an expert to know how this is going to take a toll on your health and result in breathing problems and upset stomachs.

If you’re living with cats or dogs – or even birds, you need to get a handle on your pet hair situation before it can result in some long-term ailment for you or other (human) members of your family. There are two things that you can do to eliminate this problem of yours entirely. You should brush your pet’s fur regularly to remove dislodged hair before they can leave it all over the place and you can get yourself a vacuum cleaner that’s designed to remove pet hair from all kinds of fabrics, in which they usually get stuck.

The following are the top 5 best vacuums for pet hair, according to pet owners who share and understand your pain.

Hoover WindTunnel Pet Rewind

The Hoover WindTunnel vacuum is made from a unique rubber material that allows for seamless pet hair gathering. This vacuum is the favorite among pet owners because of how effective it is and the great value for money it provides.

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete

Dyson has made a name for itself as the producer of some of the most convenient and efficient vacuum cleaners out there. What makes this particular model so great is the ball technology that it uses, making it easy to move around while the counter-rotating turbine and built in brushes force out even the most deeply embedded strands of pet hair from your carpets.

Shark Navigator Lift Away

This vacuum is not just designed to remove pet hair but can be used for everyday cleaning as well, making it an all-rounder, therefore, an excellent choice.

Miele S7260

This specially designed vacuum makes use of its automatically adjusting brush to remove hair from all kinds of surfaces effectively.

Eureka Pet Lover

A light and inexpensive vacuum cleaner that comes with brushes that help remove hair as well as your animal’s waste.

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