The 3 Best Audio/Video Companies in Los Angeles

Audio and video technology is one of the most common types of technology being used all around the world because they are capable of breathing life into all kinds of situations and make them more entertaining. The applications for AV are countless, people use them in business meetings to connect with one another, in seminars to make them more captivating, in events and parties and so much more, the list goes on and on, but setting up an audio-video setup isn’t that simple.

Audio and video can become quite technical, and the equipment needed to provide a satisfactory experience can be pretty expensive, this is why Audio/Video companies exist; these organizations make high-end audio and video solutions more attainable by renting out their equipment and services for a variety of occasions. We’re going to be taking a look at three of the best Audio/Videos companies in Los Angeles that provide high-quality solutions for a variety of occasions, but before we get to talking about the companies let’s take a look at the criteria according to which they are being rated.

Points To Focus On:

The first thing that needs to be considered is what type of customer base is the company geared towards, some of these companies provide solutions for homes and for office spaces while others focus more on large events and theater systems. Another thing that matters a lot is what kind of equipment they have to offer, every company on our list carries products from reliable manufacturers, some rent out the equipment while others sell it, in both cases, it’s a plus point if their range of products is up to date.

Last but not the least comes customer support and the overall quality of their services, customer support is especially important for companies that provide AV solutions for homes and office spaces since people often need help getting used to these systems. Service quality is important for every organization out there that deals with technical services and products, even more for companies that provide services for setting up and managing audio/video setups for events.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best AV companies operating in Los Angeles.

Audio Video Visual West Inc.


The first company on our list has been around since 1990 and specializes in providing technical services and the equipment needed to provide a solid AV setup for all kinds of large events. Audio Video Visual West Inc. makes it their job to provide customers with the latest in audio and video at a reasonable price and with superb customer support, the company excels at providing solutions for sound systems, lighting systems, staging, computer data projection and more, their services are geared towards customers looking for AV setup and management for corporate events, seminars and for private events such as weddings and parties.

This company focuses exclusively on catering to events and functions, they rent out and sell all kinds of equipment related to audio and video for events, ranging from screens, lighting, sound systems and more, they also have staging accessories, podiums and even two-way radios for communication. Their product line is pretty extensive and is frequently kept up do date.

The company also has decent customer support and provides technical help to manage and run AV setups at events, and they operate almost throughout the whole of Los Angeles. If you’re looking for a decent AV company that has an excellent range of equipment, decent customer support and provides its services at reasonable prices, Video Visual West Inc. is worth taking a look at.

WOVA World of Video And Audio


WOVA is an audio/video company that provides customers with equipment rental and technical services to host a variety of events, along with post production services that include authoring and duplicating storage media. The company has been in Los Angeles since 1982 and has made quite a name for itself by providing customers with high-quality AV services and solutions. Their primary focus is on large-scale events such as conventions, concerts, parties and private events such as weddings and get to gathers, the company claims that no job is too small or too large for them.

They also provide services for editing, enhancing videos and audio, and authoring and duplicating Blu-ray discs. The company doesn’t sell any products, but they have an extensive range of equipment ready to be rented out for a variety of occasions, and their team is incredibly experienced at what they do. WOVA’s customer service is pretty satisfactory, the company is friendly and cooperates with its clients in order to help them create an impression that lasts, they’re more than happy to provide their services at any time, they’re a pretty good choice for people who not only wish to host memorable events but also for individuals who are interested in producing high-quality audio and video.

Sound Decision


The first two companies on our list focus on providing services and solutions for large events and similar occasions, Sound Decision is an AV company that provides premium AV solutions for residential and commercial buildings. There are countless products available in today’s market that are designed for being installed indoors to provide people with an unparalleled audio/video experience right at home. However, the installation and setup can be quite technical. Sound Decision ensures that everyone can make the most out of high-end audio/video setups in their buildings by providing them with services that include designing and installing setups of all kinds.

The company provides its services to residential and commercial customers, their solutions consist of products from reputable manufacturers such as Bose and Symetrix, allowing them to provide every customer with the best setup possible. Sound Decision also specializes in installing automation systems that when combined with their AV systems, provide a wholesome and futuristic experience.

Sound Decision works in close collaboration with its customers to provide them with systems that fulfill their requirements, the company has plenty of experience in its field and is known for pleasing its customers with great assistance during the installation and superb after sales services.

AV Masters

If you’re looking to setup a captivating stage for any corporate event that is bound to demand the audience’s attention and make sure that whatever you wish to present stays the center of attention then AV Masters is the place to go. This company has over 30 years of experience with setting up stages for various events and has the knowledge and expertise needed to design a visually and audibly appealing stage. They make use of the latest AV technology and work closely with their customer to create the perfect stage, the company provides free drawings and estimates and guides their clients.

AV Masters always aims to provide quality and reliability, their team has the experience and the professionalism to set up the perfect AV system for any event and manage the system in the best possible way. AV Masters is one of the best options for anyone wishing to host a large-scale formal event.

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